the blood

my feelings


1. blood

the way i feel when people laugh at me because im fat and yes im fat i weigh 270ish and im 15 i am depressed 24/7 i feel like slitting my wrists and watching my life blood pour out seeing it soak into the carpet as the world goes dark from relif from this cursed world.

but i dont i dont because i promised i hate that i promised but im a person of my word.

but the feeling of killing myself gets stronger everyday the depression gets heavy on my body making it harder to move.

i dont go outside for fear someone will laugh at me im a cowered a sheep in wolfs clothing i act tough but really im a shy cowered afraid of the darkness but welcoming it at the same time.

the mask on my face grows heavy. the tears streaming down my face cause the floor which i walk slippery when i fall it takes my all to stand again

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