Love Story

Cara. Broken.
Blake. Fearless.
Cara + Blake= 1 Angry Father, Paris, Police, love and an Accident


2. Chapter 2

“Dad?” Blake stuttered. He raised his eyebrows at me, inspecting me. I smiled softly.
“I’m Cara-”
“Son, come with me.” Blake held onto my hand tighter and took a step back. “I don’t approve, she’ll be nothing but trouble. She’s… she’s. She’s the wrong type of girl for you.” With that he pulled Blake’s arms and threw him into the car and sped off.
That night I tossed and turned. I lay there wide awake wondering what his dad meant. I was just ordinary and so was he.  That was it. I got up showered and got dressed before sneaking out my window. The street was so quiet and beautifully lit in the 2am street lights. But the cool breeze sent shivers through my body causing me to cross my arms for warmth. The sound of abrupt arguing caused me to turn sharply. I knew that car. I couldn’t stop myself running around the back of the house where a light turned on and he appeared at the window. His face was sodden, he didn’t see me. I stuck up to the wall directly beneath the window. There was some sort of grape vine against the wall. I reached as far as I could then pulled myself up onto the vine. Each step up I took with great care in not to raise an alarm before pulling myself up onto the balcony. I whispered intently “Blake.” I turned to look at the sky before I stepped back falling directly into Blake.
“Cara?” He didn’t look startled but more inquisitive.
“Blake, I. I. I just. Never mind.” I couldn’t admit it. I’d prided myself on the fact.
“Cara seriously you need to stop being so stubborn.” That’s when I told him.
“I love you. You are really annoying but I love you and I want to spend every annoying moment of the rest of my life with you.” Breathing deeply I felt so stupid. Before he could say anything I hopped over the balcony and started climbing down the vine.
“Cara, don’t go.”
“Blake I’ve made a fool of myself.” As I stepped down again I lost my footing and fell. I hid the ground hard which made my body ache all over.
“CARA!” When I glanced up Blake was gone but he was at my side in an instant. “Cara, don’t move.”
That was when I blacked out.


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