A Hidden Power

Will's life was the deffinition of boring before he met Aoife, or rather kissed her. Repeatedly. Now his life is spinning out of control. People will stop at nothing to control him to get to her.


4. Immeasureable and Unimmaginable

The pain was imeasurable and unimaginable.  His whole body burned.  After the first few nights, they didn't even bother to chain him or lock his cell door.  He just lay on the damp pile of blankets that they threw him onto and stared at the stone ceiling above him until they came for him again.


Sleep was unattainable and eating was unbearable.  It was as if he was living a wretched nightmare.  He had no idea how long he had been there or for how much longer.  Each day was the same.  They dragged him out of his cell and bound his wrists to a overhead pipe that was high enough to cause him discomfort but low enough for him to breath shallowly. 


It was clear that the three men who had captured him and now tortured him were simply the 'help'.  They didn't talk, just grunted at each other and did as the fourth man ordered.  Will had taken to calling them by their prefered instrument of torture.  There was Blaze who like fire, Blade who liked knves and Kinky who liked whips.


There were no windows and the only weak light was the one directly above his head.  Everything outside that small pool of light was invisible to Will.  He knew the fourht man was there only by his voice.  He moved like a ghost, circling Will and talking persuasively to give up.


There conversation were always the same. 

"Let go, William.  Give up already.  Die."  It was like a sales pitch. 

"No," Will would mumble.

"Again," the voice would answer. 


It was harder to resist everyday.  The memories he clung to were growing dimmer.  This couldn't go on forever.  At some point he was going to break.  Why not just give up now?  The voice whispered in his head at all times, day and night.  It was so persuasive but Will couldn't bring himself to do it.  He couldn't break.  He couln't give up.  He couldn't let go.  He wouldn't die.


"Why are you doing this to yourself, William?"  purred the voice.  "Why not give up already?"  A pause.  "What is there left for you to fight for?  No family, no friends left and your college?  Well, they think you're just another drop out.  It's just you left now.  You and I.  Give it up, hm?  We can put this all behind us, William.  I'm willing to do that.  I will forgive your disobidence and who knows?  Maybe we can become friends, even.  All you have to do is give up.  Please, William, please.  Stop this.  Please?"


Will mustered his energy.  "No."  His voice was breathless and pained but he managed to get it out.  "Eoghan is not dead and someone out there is looking for me.  I am not alone."


The voice sighed impatiently.  "Yes you are, William.  Eoghan is no longer with us and you are alone in the world."


Suddenly a red and black object rolled into Will's pool of light.  It stopped half-way on its way towards him.  It was sweaty, mud-streaked and caked in blood but it was recognisabley Eoghan's head. 


A sob rose up in Will.  He couldn't stop staring at it.  Had he caused this?  "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no."  He couldn't stop.  "No no no no no no no no no no no no no."


"Yes, William.  It is your roommate.  I am soory that you forced this upon yourself.  It is no small thing to murder a friend.  His blood will forever stain you and curse you."


Out of the darkness, the three men stepped out.  Each carried a bucket.  They swung them back in unison and flung the contents at Will.  Will shut his eyes as the contents washed over him; as if he had been hit by three tidal waved.  When he opend his eyes, he screamed.  They had soaked him in blood.  Literally staining him in Eohan's blood. 


He couldn't stop it now.  He cried uncontrolablly.  He railed against his bounds, screaming in pain equal to that of a fatally wounded animal.  He was an animal.  His humanity vainishing.  Still, the voice shouted at him though.


"Who will it be next, William?  Someone's mother?  Someone's uncle?  Grandparents?  Cousins?"  A pause.  "Maybe a child perhap?"


As if on cue, Blade stepped out of the darkness.  Will stared through his blurry water-filled eyes as Blade chose a knife and held to his prisoners throat.  She cried silently, grasping at Blade's hand where he held her by the hair so that her feet barely scrapped the ground.


"Well, William?  All that blood, drenching you.  Is that what you want to happen?  Why are you being so selfish, WIlliam? How many more must die until you take charge?"


"No...  No more," croaked Will.  "I give up.  Please don't hurt her.  Please."


The voice chuckled.  "I'm not going to hurt her, WIlliam.  You are."


Suddenly someone cut Will's bonds.  He fell to the ground but he couldn't get up.  Eoghan's lifeless and slack face watched him imapassively.  One of the men, Kinky or Blaze, hauled Will up as Blade approached carrying the girl by the hair.  She shuffled her feet, desperate and weak.   Blade put the knife in Will's hand and although WIll struggled, his grip over Will's hand was iron-tight. 


"Please, no.  Don't do this.  I gave up!"  pleaded Will.  The girl shrank back from him, whimpering.  A sickness filled Will.  A self-loathing disgust that nasiated him. 


"It's you whose doing this William.  You're the monster here."  Will bucked like a wild animal as Blade forcefully slow guided Will's hand and dragged it across the little girl's throat.  Her eyes widened and gurgled her scream.  Little tiny air bubbles gushed out of the cut, sliing down her chest as bright, red arterial blood spurted itself all over him. 


"NO!"  screamed WIll.  His voice craked and broke.  "NO!"  Over and over he screamed.  The little girl's whimpering echoed in his mind.  "NO!"  He strained against the iron-tight grip that held onto him.  "NO!"  The image of her body falling lifelessly to the floor and Blade dragging her away was printed onto the inside of his eyelids.  "NO!"  The stench of her blood coated him filled his lungs, choking him.  "NO!"


He couldn't stop screaming as they bound him to the pipe again and as Blaze stepped forward with a blowtorch.  He fought and struggled against his bonds; unable to hear, see, smell or taste anything but the little girl's death that all echoed inside of him.


"Tsk, tsk, William.  All of this could have been avoided, if it weren't for your attitude.  Have enough died at your hand now?  Will you see sense?  Honestly, Willaim, if I had known you were this bloodthirsty, I would have recruited you long ago." 


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