My best friends brother

Alana Carlson is a fourteen year old girl and best friends with Lottie Tomlinson. When the boys are back from tour Louis starts to develop feelings for Alana and Alana develops feelings for Louis. What will Alana tell Lottie and how will Lottie react?


2. The confession

Louis' POV

Lottie better not tell Alana what I had said. The truth is I really like Alana and I have since we were little. Of course I told her when we were little but she probably doesn't even remmeber. Even if she did remember she probably wouldn't think I still like her. Alana gave me a weird look. She was obviously really confused. I wanted to tell her that I like her so bad but I can't. Lottie's my sister and I can't do that to her. Alana is her best friend after all and that would be rude of me to take her from Lottie.

"Okay well bye Louis you can go bother Fizzy or Phoebe or Daisy" Lottie said. "But i want to bother you and Alana" I whined. "No" Lottie said rolling her eyes and pointing to the door. "Aw come on Lottie let him stay" Alana said. Lottie turned around and glared at her best friend. "Fine Louis you can stay" Lottie said rolling her eyes still glaring at Alana who was smiling her cute smile. I mentally scolded myself for thinking about Alana. I need to get rid of thesse feelings. It's not going to be easy though. "Dinner!" My mum yelled. Alana, Lottie, and I ran out of the room meeting Fizzy, Pheobe, and Daisy in the hallways. Fizzy glared at Alana. For some reason Fizzy has always hated Alana and nobody knows why not even Alana. We went downstairs and I was seated in between Lottie and Alana. I really like her but I know it would be wrong of me to go out with her. I'm 21 and she's 16. Plus she' Lottie's best friend.

Alana's POV

After dinner Lottie and I went up to her room but Louis didn't. It diapointed me alittle bit but I didn't let it show. "So why did you say that I should let Louis stay?" Lottieasked. "Just being nice" I responded casually, pretetending it wasn't a big deal. I tried desperately not to blush but I must've failed miserably because Lottie started laughing. "You like him don't you?" Lottie asked when she had calmed down. "No" I lied. "You're such a bad liar Alana. I know you like Louis" said Lottie. "I do not" I said, lying once again. I pulled out my phone and checked my twitter. I had alot of follower ince I was Lottie's best friend and Lottie is Louis' sister. Plus I had all of one direction following me. I had met them before and they're all really nice and funny. Anyways Lottie took my phone out of my hand and put it in her pocket. "You will get that back when you tell me the truth" Lottie said. "Okay fine. I like Louis" I said. I instantly regreted saying that when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see Louis and Harry standing in the doorway. "Oh um hey Harry. Haven't seen you in awhile" I said blushing furiously.

Louis' POV

After dinner the doorbell rang and I opened the door to reveal Harry who had said he was coming over today. "Hey Hazza lets go spy on my sister and her friend" I said. Harry nodded and we went upstairs and hid near Lottie's door. "You will get that back when you tell me the truth" Lottie said to Alana. "Okay fine. I like Louis" Alana said. Wait Alana likes me? The girl I've loved since I was 10 years old likes me. I coughed. Alana turned around and she was as red as a tomato. "Oh um hey Harry. Haven't seen you in awhile" she said. Then she crawled into Lottie's closet. "Can I have my phone back Lottie?" she sqeaked."Let me give it to her" I whispered. I grabbed the phone from Lottie and then joined Alana in the closet. "Um hi" Alana said looking at her feet. I lifted her chin up and kissed her.

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