Don't let me go

I was in love. Something tragic occurred. I had to leave. I had to leave him. I left. 2 years later I came back. We met up again, he had moved on. I wouldn't dare think of moving on, my heart belonged to him. Only him. I had to play it cool, even though I still loved him. He did what I was afraid of. He let me go.


2. Chapter 2

         "I love you too Haz." I said with a breathy voice as we pulled away from the passionate and forceful kiss.

          *END OF FLASHBACK*

       He slowly pulled away from the hug pulling me from my thoughts.

   "So Harry how have things been?"

   "Pretty good actually I actually have a girlfriend, she is supposed to meet me here any minute now."

   "Oh..." Was all I could say before a tall blonde came running through the door yelling and running in Harry's direction.

   "HARRRYYY! BABE!" She yelled as she ran into Harry's arms and kissed him as if I were invisible. I coughed a little awkwardly and they both pulled away and looked at me. Harry's girlfriend glared at me and turned to Harry. He was still looking at me with a sympathetic look.

   "Well it was nice seeing you again Harry, I'll see you around." I said to him as I turned around to go to the back of the counter. Before I could get there I felt a strong arm pull me back. He turned me around so I was facing him. Before I could react his lips were against mine in a full on passionate kiss. I felt the same sparks just like it was our first kiss 4 years ago. He pulled away slowly, when our faces were completely apart he was turned around by his 'girlfriend' and slapped across the face.

   "WE'RE DONE HARRY STYLES" She yelled before angrily walking out of the coffee shop. He had his hand over his cheek.

   "God damn she's a bitch." He said to me I chuckled at his comment before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the back of the shop. I made him sit on a chair in front of me. I went to another room and got a towel with warm water on it. I came back and lightly put it on his face. He winced at the touch of it but slowly calmed down.

   "Thank you ,Ellie''

   "For what?"

   "For helping me and making sure I was ok. That is why I loved you in the first place. Not only because your beautiful, but because of your sense of humor, you care about people, you aren't afraid to stand up for yourself, your smart, Emily, nobody compares to you."

    All I could do was blush "You really think that about me? Why me? Your famous out of everyone in the world, with girls throwing themselves at you where ever you go, you pick a girl like me who works in a coffee shop, and lives in a rutty apartment. Why me?"

   "Because Ellie, your... Well, you. And I love you. I always have. I was miserable as fuck when you left. I was only with Taylor because the other boys thought I needed something to take my mind off of you to concentrate on my career. But in reality I never stopped thinking about you, I never stopped loving you. I just thought you would've moved on from me."

   "Harry I never stopped loving you. I haven't had another boyfriend since we broke up. I was nothing without you and nothing changed that. I saw you walk in today and it was as if my whole life was right in front of me. Harry you completed me. I love you Harry. And I always have."

  He slowly leaned in, I leaned in closer closing the gap between us for the second time today. It was magical, just like 4 years ago. He pulled away with the biggest grin on his face I've ever seen.

   "So what does this mean for 'us'?" He asked with a hopeful look on his face.

   "Whatever you want it to mean Styles." I said looking straight into his eyes with a smirk on my face.

   "I see we have come to last name basis, huh? Thompson."

   "Guess so, Styles" I laughed at our pathetic 'argument'

   "So, can I call you mine now?"

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