Don't let me go

I was in love. Something tragic occurred. I had to leave. I had to leave him. I left. 2 years later I came back. We met up again, he had moved on. I wouldn't dare think of moving on, my heart belonged to him. Only him. I had to play it cool, even though I still loved him. He did what I was afraid of. He let me go.


1. Chapter 1

   *4 years ago*

  Hey love! Can I come over today?xx -H

  Yea. Parents are gone I'm alone. ;)x -E

   ;) -H

    *Present time*

           I'm Elizabeth Thompson, but please call me Ellie. I'm 19 and work in a coffee shop. I've worked in the same coffee shop since I was 16. 3 years ago both of my parents died in a car accident. I had to leave the love of my life. Harry Styles.I lived with my aunt until I was 18. I moved back to Holmes Chapel that year. I've worked in the same coffee shop since then.

            "Hello what would you like today?"

            "Uuuummm...I'll have a medium Cappucino, please." I could recognize that voice anywhere. He was wearing sunglasses and a beanie, but that voice. I'll never forget. I must have been staring or something because his voice took me from my thoughts.

           "How much?" He asked with a confused voice.

           "4.50 please. But may I ask your name?"


           "Harry Styles?"

           "Yes, why?"

           "Don't you remember? I'm Ellie, Ellie Thompson."

           "Ellie?! Oh my god it's really you? What happened to you? Where did you go? I missed you!"

           "Gosh Harry, I believe you have bombarded me with enough questions. But I moved in with my aunt because my parents died. And I guess me and you lost touch. I moved back 2 years ago actually. But how have you been?"

           "I've been fine, but I'm really sorry about your parents. Come over here." I walked to the other side of the counter and he held out his arms for me to give him a hug. I accepted, being in his arms made me remember all the times he used to hug me. His strong arms around me made memories flood back.

*Flash back*

       "I love you El you know that?" He said to me before pushing his soft lips to mine with so much passion and force. I exploded on the inside. I've never felt so happy in my life. I will love this boy until the day I die.


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