Summer Love

Two girls.... best friends. They were separated when one of them had to move countries.... But they reunite in the summer. It was just suppose to be them both. But what happens when they meet two unexpected boys.... from their favorite boy band?? Would it just get awkward?? Or is their really love in the air??


2. Greetings

I woke up to the sound of my Grandma's music.  It was so loud that you could have probably have heard it from down the street.  I groan, trying to fall back into a deep slumber, but fail to by the time my grandmother comes knocking on my door before bursting in.

"Time to get up.  There are guests here..." She tells me, yanking the sheets from me, when i tried to make myself disappear.

"-sigh-fine" i mumble as i get out of bed.  My grandmother leaves me to change as she entertains the guest.  I wear nothing fancy, just a black shirt and some shorts.  Walking outside, the music was louder than when i was in my room.  Upon entering the living room/Kitchen i see a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar ones.  And the scary thing is, now they are all looking at me.

"H-hi" I stutter out, not so used to this type of attention.  After speaking, i guess everyone lost interest for they continued their conversations.  At least I didn't have to speak any more because alejandrina came and rescued me and guided me to where she was sitting.

"There are a lot of people" I tell her as i sit on one of the sofa's available in the next room.

"I know.... wanna go outside?" She asks me, standing back up.

"Yeah i guess" Was my response as I also stand up before following her.  Going outside, we leave the house to go for a walk.

"So....... How are you doing?" She asks me, breaking the silence.

"Good... still tired, my Grandma barely woke me up... but all good.. And you?" I ask back.

"Same old same old....... Any thing interesting happen in the U.S??" 

"Nope... nothing much....... and nothing really happened at school...... umm.... nope nothing" I tell her, smiling for some apparent reason.  We end up at some park that I guess is close to my grandmother's house.  It's empty of course, it's to hot to be out in the sun, yet we are walking to it.  We find an empty bench to sit on to rest, while we try to catch up.  The seats were hot, but we managed, as it was the closest bench to us and we didn't feel like walking any further.

"I'm still down that we weren't able to see One Direction in concert a few days ago" She mumbles to me, looking at her hands that she has settled on the lap.

"I know..... It sucks..... like my life was close to being complete" I tease.  But i was also sad that I wasn't able to go to the concert.  It was suppose to be my chance to Finally be as close as possible to My Cupcake, but noooo my mom didn't want to buy me the tickets because they were too expensive.  But i can't do anything now..... the concert already passed... the boys have probably already left.... Man my summer was just ruined with that thought...




My lovelies i need help!!! Me and my friend are suppose to meet One Direction...... but i Can't seem to find the right time for them to come in......... Any ideas will be highly appreciated XD oh, and tell me what you guys think........ Love you all!!!! Muahh <3

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