Summer Love

Two girls.... best friends. They were separated when one of them had to move countries.... But they reunite in the summer. It was just suppose to be them both. But what happens when they meet two unexpected boys.... from their favorite boy band?? Would it just get awkward?? Or is their really love in the air??


4. Beach Encounter

"We should go to the beach tomorrow" Alejandrina asked, after we calmed down from our laughing fit.
"yeah.... I've never been to the beach actually.... So yeah I'm up for it" I respond catching my breath.
"Then we're definantly going now!!.... well not like right now..... but later..... its too dark to swim right now..." Alejandrina ranted.
"ok alejandrina, like we were even gonna go now... haha" I teased her.  But she just laid back down on the bed, me following.
"I miss the U.S....." She mutters quietly, just staring up at the ceiling.
"We miss you too...... it just feels different with out you there...." I reply.  In all truth it has.  I feel like a loner, even though I have many friends that I hang out with.  It just feels empty without her.
"Well let's not go getting depressed now....." She stated cheerfully, pressing the play button on a remote that she suddenly had in her hand  The music started up again.  Wow the mood totally changed, you could feel it too!  
"Now what?" I asked, lip syncing to the music.  She just shrugged her shoulders.  Man..... we were tired.  Who would have thought fangirling took up so much energy?  "I'm tired..... Let's go to sleep?" I asked, my eyes beginning to shut.  She just nodded her head before we both just shut our eyes and fell into a deep slumber.
We didn't sleep much.  We woke up like around 10:30.  We really didn't want t get up, but we wanted to go to the beach, so sadly, we had too.  We rushed in eating breakfast.  And we also rushed in packing.  Well, I rushed.  We went over to Alejandrina's house so she too can pack.  Once ready, we had her mom dive us to the beach.  It was so warm outside, I was so ready to jump into the water once we got there.  The ride there wasn't really long.  A few minutes or so.
We literally just jumped off the car, once her mom had parked it.  DeiDei just told us to be careful and to put on our sunscreen before she pulled out, leaving us alone to enjoy the beach.
" Its looks so amazing!!!" I yelled running to the shore, letting my feet get wet.  I made sure not to go in deep, considering that we both weren't changed yet.  I heard alejandrina run in a few seconds later.
"It's cold!" She squealed in pure bliss.  It was, and it was just what we needed.
"Let's go changed so we can in further" I suggested, making my way to the changing rooms.
"OK... but they're in the other direction.." She yelled to me.  really? She could have told me sooner.... now I have to do more walking.  Finally caught up, i entered an empty Stall and changed.  I was quick due to being eager to just jump right in to the coldness that was the water.  Exiting quickly, alejandrina was waiting for me outside.  She was wearing a two piece, that surely fit her body.  I was so jealous.  She could work anything.... while.. me.. well.... lets just say I wasn't the skinniest person alive.  But I liked this bikini.  It was blue and it hugged me in all the right places so i was good, for now.....
We headed to a table to set our stuff down.  Picking a good spot, we ran towards the water.  and oh gawd did it feel refreshing.  Resurfacing, I saw alejandrina swim into a wave, which ended up bring her all the way back to the shore.  It was pretty funny to watch.  I tried what she did.  Now I see why she did it. It was fun.  The waves made you go in circles dragging you in.  The waves were strong though.  I had to pretty much dig my feet into the sand just so the wave won't drag me out with it.
I stay near the shore for most of the time.  Afraid that if I keep going into the waves that It'll take me out to sea.  And I feared that their were sharks out there, even when Alejandina told me to stop being scared cause there weren't none.
"Come on! Your no fun!" She yelled at me before being dragged into the wave and brought tot he shore.
"No! What if I get eaten by a Shark!" I replied stubbornly.
"I told you a million of time, and I'll tell you a million more! THERE ARE NO SHARKS! she yelled once again diving into a wave.  She caught me by surprise when she ended up near me and pulling me down near her.
"AHHH!" A high pitched scream left me as I cam crashing down into the water, to see a smiling Alejandrina.  I just glared at her for a few second before I burst out laughing, her joining me a couple seconds later.
"Come on..... You'll enjoy it I promise you" She begged.
"Fine!" and with that we stood up and ran towards the wave that was heading our way.  Diving into it, it sent me in circles back towards the shore.  Boy was it fun.  I was still a little cautious, but I still kept jumping in.
"I'm hungry.... Let's go eat?" Alejandrina asked, standing from up, out of the water.  My stomach rumples after she suggested that.
"Yeah.. I'm starving" I groaned, also standing up so we can make our way to the bar.  The place was pretty filled, good thing we saved ourselves a table earlier.
"What do you want?" She asked, looking up at the menu deciding for herself to.
"Just order me some quesadillas"  I decided, the other plates on the menu not looking to appetizing at the moment.
"ok then.... We'll have two quesadillas for her, and..... a plate of ceviche for me please" She ordered in Spanish so the cashier was able to understand.  After paying and getting our receipt we went to go take a seat as we waited for our food to be served.  Looking around, It had gotten full in the time we were in the water.  I kept my gaze at the bar, as alejandrina decided to go to the bathroom.
"Excuse me..." A voice spoke in an Irish accent, as he tried speaking Spanish.  Turing around, my eyes widened.  Good thing I decided to wear my shades that were bigger that my eyes.
"Yes?" I squeaked in Spanish.  Coughing I tried that again. "Yes?" ok, this time it came out good.
"Do you speak any English?" He asked, obviously in Spanish.
"Yeah.." I muttered quietly, but loud enough that I hope he heard me.
"That's good... my Spanish isn't the best, and this one even worse... well beside that.. we were wondering if you'll allow us to sit here with you.  there aren't any tables left" he asked.  Omg he was gorgeous.
"Yeah.. it's fine with me...." I spoke breathlessly.  'Hurry up Alejandrina!!!' I mentally yelled towards her.  It was silents for a few minutes as the took their seats and got comfortable.
"So are you from around here?"  The other guy decided to speak now.  To speechless I just shook my head no.
Coughing once more, I trusted my voice enough to speak.  "I'm here on vacation and visiting family."  I'm so pathetic.... where the hell are you Alejandrina?!?!  and that's when she decided to make her entrance.  She sat down beside me and she meekly greeted a hi to the boys.
"And you guys are?" Alejandrina asked.  She was making she sure she believed what she was seeing.  Of course we know who they were, they are the reason I was coming to mexico in the first place.
"Oh. My bad, I'm Niall and this is my friend Harry" The blond one spoke.  Harry just waved at Alejandrina.  I was ready to cry....
"Like... the Harry Styles and Niall Horan from...... from..." I couldn't even finish my sentence.
"Yep..... Heard of us?" Harry asked smiling, showing his ever famous set of dimples.  Yeah.... I wanted to cry so badly.  And by the looks of it, so did Alejandrina.  But she broke down first.  She tried whipping her eyes from the tears.  The boys facial expressions went from cheerful to worry.  "A-are you ok?" Harry asked worryingly.
"Yeah... It's just that.... We love you guys so much, we're big fans of the bad" Alejandrina explained, before a few more tears managed to escape her eyes.  I was crying now.  I was trying hard to wipe the tears away before they noticed that I was crying too.  But it was too late, Harry's eyes caught mine.  And to say I was fine was a flat out lie.  I was most definitely not!
"You too then?" He asked.  I just shok my head yes, not able to speak.  I was surprised that they remained at the table, just speaking to us, trying to make us to stop crying.
"You guys aren't freaked out?" I ask, once I had calmed down from my sobbing scene.
"not at all.... we're just pleased that you weren't crying cuz we said something wrong...." Niall answered, smiling.  I think I just died.  I looked over at Alejandrina and saw that she was bushing madly, probably from the embarrassment.


So what do you guys think?? Any good?? I wanna know what you guys think...  So comment and maybe like?? yeah?


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