Desperate ~ Niall Horan Romance

When 18-year-old Alison Reed can't take her life any more, she runs. And when she runs, she runs hard. Into Niall Horan. Her ex-boyfriend is a kleptomaniac, who constantly tries to ruin her life. She finds comfort within the arms of Niall Horan and decides to stay a while. When the paparazzi gets the better of her, she does what she does best- run. Will she ever find her way back to Niall, or will she keep running forever?


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four:

Of course, El and I were the last people in the line before security closed the entrance. We gave each other exasperated looks and I shifted my weight. After half an hour we barely moved. "I didn't realize how many people were going to come..." I admitted to Eleanor. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. "Yeah, there are tons of people. I feel bad for Lou sometimes. It gets tiring." I pulled my phone out and decided to text Ariella back.

To: Ariella Franks <3-

Standing in line for the meet-and-greet. It's taking FOREVER. But guess who I met!?!? xx

From: Ariella Franks <3-

OH MY GOSH! LUCKY! Tell Liam I love Payzer. And tell Lou-Boo he should marry El. WHO DID YOU MEET????

To: Ariella Franks <3-

Hehe! I will, love. =* I met Eleanor Calder!!! She is sooo sweet. Well I gtg. Love you! xx

From: Ariella Franks <3-

Wow. OH MY GOSH!! Tell her I love her and that she should marry Louis. Okay, send me pictures when you meet them!! =*

I locked my phone and put it back in my clutch. "Um, Eleanor. My friend Ariella texted me and wants me to tell you that she loves you and she wants you to marry Louis..." Eleanor laughed. "Haha! Aw, she's sweet. I hope Louis pops the question soon also." I shook my head as Eleanor blushed. "Oh El." She tried not to laugh again, but only succeeded in snorting. Then the two of us laughed until our sides hurt!

• • •

Right before the last two girls were finished talking to One Direction, I pulled a snack bar out of my clutch and started eating. Two security guards gestured for El and I to move forward. I saw a bunch of boys sitting at a table and Eleanor and I approached them. "Eleanor!" they exlaimed, seeming to not notice me. After many hugs from the boys and a small peck from Louis she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the table where Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall sat with lots of Sharpies. "This is my new best friend Alison! She came here to see you guys and we met! How awesome is that?!" she bubbled. I managed a weak smile as the five amazing guys waved at me. "Hello Alison!" Louis chirped. "Sorry about that awkward message I sent you." I blushed and waved it off. "Oh, it was fine. I was just really happy to get it!" Louis smiled happily and high-fived Liam. I stood there, watching them for what felt like eons, until Eleanor nudged me. "Oh! I almost forgot." I opened my clutch and pulled out my copy of "Take Me Home" and handed it to Liam, who was ready with a pen. I watched as the CD was passed down the table until it reached Niall. After he finished signing it, he stood up and walked around the table to give it to me. As he handed it back to me our fingers brushed. My mouth let out a small gasp and he blushed. We stared into each other's eyes, his shockingly blue orbs seeming to take up the world, until I heard a giggle escape from someone's mouth. My head turned sharply to the table where Harry had clamped a hand over Louis' mouth. My eyes widened, then I averted them. "How about you two lovely lasses come over to our place tonight. Well, Niall's but you know." Zayn offered. "Yes! That would be great, Ali and I will be there!" And before I could protest Eleanor was already pulling me away.

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