Is This Real?

Bailey Sims, your average 17 year-old, finally gets to visit her cousin, Louis Tomlinson and finds out he is part of a band, One Direction, she meets them all, when a plane crash, destined to arrive at Greece, AND carrying her family in progress, crashes near their house, her mom? Dead, step-father? Insane and gone. And brothers? Scarred for life. Now what? Louis tries to keep up with, well, everything. What will happen? Will her step-father come back? Will they have to move in with their grandparents in Madagascar? Read to find out!


3. *It* Arrives

  Bailey's POV

    "Okay, yep, alright, love you, ok, mom! I gotta go! My flight leaves in 20 minutes! Byeeee." she never leaves me space to talk, ever. I step onto the plane and take my seat. looking back, three girls look over to a boy. He looked like Louis, I guess they thought it was him. The girls kept looking at him.

"Um, you may have the wrong guy, girls." i decided to kindly tell them.

"How the hell should you know?" one of the girls looked towards me.

"Well, i happen to be his real, cousin, girls."

"Yeah, sure..." the other girl sarcastically said.

I decide to just turn around for the rest of the long ride.

Louis' POV

   "I GOT TO GO NOW BYE MATES!" I hurry out the door.

                                                                           Bailey's POV

    I rush out, and see about six security guards surrounding Louis. I go up to him. "Hey,Love!" he comes up and engulfs me in a huge hug. "I MISSED MY CARROT PRINCESS SOOOOO MUCH!!"  "Yup, and I missed my Carrot Prince, too," i glanced over my shoulder and saw the three girls. i smirked and mouthed 'I told you so'. "Okay, let's go meet the boys and the girls. I haven't seen you in so long!" He rushed me into the passenger seat, and he rushed to the other as fans surrounded the car. "SO, how's their vacation?" "I think they are still on the plane, since they are going to Greece this year..."

    We drove off and when we got to the house, Lou  slowly opened the door, and he got some ice. i grabbed a whole bucket. We slowly walked to one of the boy's room. Holy crap this house is huge. i shut the door as he screamed in a whisper, "WAKE  UP ZAYN!" we shook him and he just pulled his covers up over his head.

    We mouthed one...two...THREE! We dumped the ice on his bed, he shot up and he screamed "I'm up! Wait who's this."This is Bailey, Bailey is Lou's cousin!" i spoke to him in third person. "Ohhh, this is the 'it' you were talking about." It? "Yup! now go get changed and help us." we grabbed more buckets.

    "Next stop, Harry and Liam!" Louis yelled. "SHHH!!!" "Sorry!" Louis whispers. We had buckets filled with ice and freezing water. "Ok, one...two...three!' we screamed wake up and poured water one the two of them shrieked and Zayn, Lou and I fell to the floor cracking up. "H-hurry up! We need to get Niall, Dani, Perrie, and El!" Lou started to laughing again. "O-Ok," we did the girls and decided to leave Niall for last.

Niall's POV

   I kept thinking about it guessing who it could be. i turned on the shower and i heard footsteps. "One...two...three!" i felt coldness on my back, followed by hard ice. "AHHH,OWW, I SWEAR I'M GONNA KILL YOU GUYS!" i hear them laughing to death on the other side. Wait, who else is in here. I take my towel after and step out and i change. we go down stairs and i meet Bailey, aparentley Louis' Carrot Princess or cousin. they looked so much alike. "Her eyes, change color depending on her emotion," Lou mentions to us. "Yup." "Then what color is it when you're mad?" Dani asked her. "I don't know i thing hazel or something like black, i've never seen." God she's so pretty. Woah, wait, am i crushing on my best mate's cousin?





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