Is This Real?

Bailey Sims, your average 17 year-old, finally gets to visit her cousin, Louis Tomlinson and finds out he is part of a band, One Direction, she meets them all, when a plane crash, destined to arrive at Greece, AND carrying her family in progress, crashes near their house, her mom? Dead, step-father? Insane and gone. And brothers? Scarred for life. Now what? Louis tries to keep up with, well, everything. What will happen? Will her step-father come back? Will they have to move in with their grandparents in Madagascar? Read to find out!


4. Are They Okay?

Sam's POV

    "Please remain calm, we have placed airbags above, and lifejackets under your chairs." "Mommy, what's going on!" "I-I don't know. Put the airbags on your mouth and take the life jackets." Mommy seems worried, and Luke dosen't look to good. I think we are in England,or that;s what the person in the pilot thingy and Mommy said. i do as Mommy says

    "Please remain calm, one of the engines on the right wing has failed, so we may crash, the pilot and the crew are trying their hardest." she seemed worried, are we going to die?

    Jamie's POV

    I hold the boys' hands and pray. "No matter what happens, i want you two to know that I-" i hear a boom and all that i see, turns bright white.


 Louis' POV

    While we were talking, we all heard and felt a huge burst of bright fire and burnt plane parts. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" I check if everyone's okay. Bae's gone. Where'd she go? I see her in front of the plae, hand over her mouth, she drops to the gound. "SAM!" she sprints towards a small figure, ledged under the plane door. i come closer and we help him off. "B-Bail.. Lukey, he flew out the window, i saw him in my mind.." i teared up and scooped him in my arms as Bae rushed into the burning plane. "BAILEY SIMS! GET BACK OVER HERE IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" the others rush over. I, too, am down on my knees. My little cousin, is hurt and his twin, is probably dead.

Bailey's POV

    "M-Mom! Dad!"  i rush over to them, not caring of the flames engulfing the plane. I hear sirens in the distance. LUKE! i look towards the broken window, and felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Dad's. He looked at me, and i cried into his shoulder. he had a burn mark, probably from the blast and i hear voices of trained firefighters. Mom was dead, i could see her burnt body on the opposite side she was sitting. they took Dad and Sam, but the only person i didn't see them take was....Luke.


    "Lou, I have to find Luke, Sam needs him!" i cry to him and he hugs me. "Is Aunt Jaime-" "Yeah, d-dead." Niall and Zayn come over and offers their help while the rest offer to look for Luke in the hospital while looking after Dad and Sam. We kept hollering for him, and look under the rubble of a plane.

    They sent a search party. Now it was nine= no progress. Twelve= nada. We decided to call him gone when we heard whimpering. "Lukey! It's Bail!" I use my nickname. "MARCO!" it's the last thing i thought of. heads turned to face me. "What, we play that game a lot." "P-Polo." i searched frantically under the plane wing. A hand pops out. "LUKE!! GUYS HELP ME! HE'S UNDER THE WING!" An ambulance comes and peremedics take him away.

    I jump into Louis' car and we sped towards the hospital. I rush towards Danielle and Eleanor. "Are they okay?" "Your Dad just has a couple of burns and bruises, he'll be fine. Sam, is in a bad contition, some broken ribs and a fractured arm. Did you find Luke?" "Yeah, but the peremedics said i couldn't see him, he's ina very critical posi-" i break down. Louis is at my side at no time. I sit in the waiting room and Louis holds my hand. First, my real dad and Drew leaves me at five years-old, net Mom leaves me. I'm left with nobody besided Sam and Luke with my own flesh and blood.

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