My Secret

Everyone has some sort of secret. No matter how small nor how big. Arianna has a secret that not even her best friends know, but every secret must rise to the surface.


2. Secrets surface

          The alarm pierced my ears as it went off. I looked at the clock- six in the morning, time for school. I willed myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I put on purple and black plaid pants with a black tank that showed a little bit of my pale white stomach. I coated on the black eye shadow and eyeliner on top of my eyelids and the bottom of my hazel eyes as well. I picked up the red lipstick and slowly put it on my lips. After my makeup I stare at myself in the mirror. Look what I have become. I’m the weird Goth girl that nobody understands. Nobody could hope to understand me. Nobody must know the secret I behold. They would riot against me. Say I’m some sort of demon sent up from hell. I already look the part. I stare at my hair. When I was little I remember I was a brunette and it flowed all the way down to my waist.  Now it is black and only up to my chin, at least on the left side. My right side passes my chin just by an inch or so though. Have I finally fit the part of a monster? The monster that everyone thinks I am? I sigh and push the question out of my mind as I grab my purple backpack and head off to school.

“Arianna,” Danny yelled. He hugged me as soon as I walked through the school doors. “Have you gotten skinner over the summer? We need to put some meat on those bones.” We both laughed. I looked at Danny. Same old Danny. He had platinum blonde hair with a pair of green eyes that always comforted you. I smiled at him and we both headed to first period. I closed my eyes and for the first time in eight years I heard that maniacal laugh like it was right next to me. I shook my head attempting to push it aside.

“You want mercy?”

“Arianna. I’m coming for you.”

         My eyes shot open as I screamed, “No! Stop it!” The class stopped and stared. I heard people whispering that the weird girl is having another outburst. “Can I be excused for a minute?” The teacher nodded and I sprinted out of the room allowing the tears flood out of my eyes. Danny followed me out and held me tight. “I’m fine. I don’t need comfort.” Danny didn’t say anything he just held me tight. I want to tell him so bad about who I really am. Why I am the way I am. Why I have to blend in. Why I have to be an outcast. Why I have to be invisible to everyone else.

“Are you okay?” Danny finally asked. I managed a nod and whipped the tears away.

“Is my makeup okay?” He laughed and nodded as he pulled me up and walked me back into the horrify classroom. Well horrifying for me. Maybe one day I won’t have to be this way. Maybe the world will change. Or perhaps that is just hopeful thinking.

“You know Danny being friends with the weird girl is going to kill your reputation. Everyone thinks you’re awesome, but you have to drop your baggage,” one of the preppy popular girls stated. Danny just shrugged and sat down in the desk next to me. “Suit yourself.”


      The rest of the day went by quickly and Danny, Will, Carrie and I decided to walk back to my place. “Where are your parents?” Carrie asked.

“Work,” I lied. None of them can know that they were murdered. That would go against my mother’s wishes and mother knows best. Right? Will turned on the television and the news popped on.

“Five murders have occurred. All victims have been slaughtered, but they look like they have slaughtered themselves. Could this be a cult act? Did they make a pact and they all committed suicide?” I watched the news reporter speak these words and I knew better. I know who did this. I know one man that is capable of doing this. I closed my eyes and couldn’t bear the thought of thinking that these innocent people were murdered because of me.

“Arianna. I’m coming for you.”  

“Get out of my head,” I screamed. My three friends stared at me in confusion.

“Arianna, what’s wrong?” All three of them asked.

“He’s coming. Coming for me.”

“Who is?” Carrie asked curiously.

“Spyro,” I spat out accidentally. They looked at me with confusion and worry forming on their faces. “I-I…” Danny put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me with those bright green eyes of his. “No, I’m sorry. I can’t say anymore. I already said too much." I sat on my brown sofa and stared at the dead bodies being portrayed on the television screen.

“Please Arianna. Tell us. We won’t tell anyone. Who would we tell?” Danny pleaded.

“I made a promise to my mother eight years ago. It was the last thing I have ever promised her. It has to be the one I keep.”

“Sometimes promises are meant to be broken. Broken to the right people. The people that will be there for you. The people that will never leave your side.” I let out a big sigh.

“I have a secret I never told anyone and you guys have to promise me you will keep this secret. This promise cannot be broken.”

“Promise,” they all said at the same time.

“Well let me start off by saying those deaths on the news aren’t an accident. They were all murdered by Spyro. I only know this because he murdered my parents the same way. He has the power of mind control and force people to do whatever he wants them to do even if it’s killing themselves, but he can also control lightning. I on the other hand can control fire. He fears my family. Our strength is more than he could ever hope to obtain. That is why he killed my parents, but I survived. Now he wants me dead. That’s why these people are dying. That’s why more deaths are yet to come.”

“Do you know how crazy that sounds?” Will asked warily.

“I never said it wasn’t going to sound crazy, but it’s the truth.”

“I believe you Arianna,” Danny said softly.

“Prove that you can control fire,” Will stated. By his tone I can tell he still didn’t believe me. I sighed and faced my palms together; closing my eyes to focus. I heard all three of my friends gasp and my palms turned warm creating the fire in between them. I opened my eyes staring at my own ability. This is why everyone finds me to be a monster. This is why people are dying. This is why I must die to.  Will seemed the most shocked. His indigo eyes were wide, staring into the flames that I behold.

“Please don’t think I’m a monster. I would never hurt you guys.” My hands began to cool and the fire dissipated. “I’m not really like this. I’m not really this Goth weird girl everybody thinks. It was the only way people would overlook me. The only way to become invisible, but he found me anyway and now people are dying. He is close I can feel it. I just don’t know how close.”

“Then come here. If it doesn’t matter if your invisible or not and you want to be more like you, then so be it,” Danny said happily. He went through my closet and picked out a pair of white pants and a sheer pink top with a black bandeau underneath.  Carrie did my makeup as well. She put on a silver eye shadow with little eyeliner on my top lid. She added a light pink for blush as well as lip gloss.

“I look…” I paused and stared at myself in the mirror.

“Beautiful,” Danny finished. “Not that you weren’t beautiful before.” I smiled. “Go to school like that tomorrow and everyone will most definitely be taking notice.”

“That’s for sure,” Carrie said in a giggle. She smiled showing all of her wonderful pearly white teeth. “Will and I must go though! See you tomorrow!” Carrie and Will walked out of the house almost in a skip.

“Arianna,” Danny said in a whisper as he took my hand in his. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. “I’ll do what it takes to keep you safe.”

“You can’t. He will kill you to. Nobody else is going to die for me. He is coming. I will face him and either destroy him or be destroyed. Nobody else is going to suffer that fate.” Danny sighed, but his eyes never left mine. He leaned in and kissed my lips softly, but passionately. “Danny..”

“We have been friends for five years Arianna and I have loved you more and more as each year past. I can’t bear losing you. I can’t bear staying just friends. And I certainly cannot bear letting him hurt you.”

“You don’t want to love me Danny.” He shook his head and his eyes narrowed in anger.

“I do want to love you. I have been here for you through everything and I’m here now. I don’t care about Spyro. I only care about you and your safety.”  I sighed and thought of the danger that lies ahead. Someone will die. I don’t know how many and I don’t know who, but there will be death.


       I walked into school the next day in the outfit Danny picked out and non-Goth makeup. Everyone stared at me with each step I took. I heard them whispering about me. I couldn’t make out everything they were saying, but it didn’t matter. I felt good about myself for once in my life. I felt like I fit in. “There’s my girl,” Danny called as he put his arm around me.  “May I escort you to class?” I nodded with a stupid grin on my face.  I took notes on Physics and tried to concentrate more on my work than what others were saying about me. They were shocked at my transformation, but then again so was I.

“Code 99! Code 99! This is n-“ The announcement went silent for a second. Another second passed and that’s when the screaming began. The screaming from the agony of being tortured. The same screams that my parents gave. Spyro was here. Here for me. Killing more innocent people.

       Arianna. I’m coming for you. The teacher locked the doors and we all huddled into the corner with the lights out. We have practiced this so many times, but we never thought anything bad would happen. We are invincible aren’t we? I felt as though the screams coming from outside were making my ears bleed. Make it stop. Make it stop. This is my fight. Fight Arianna! Fight. I kept telling myself, but my body felt as if it was paralyzed. I couldn’t move. I was letting people die. I was letting innocent people die.

“Arianna. Where are you? I’m coming for you.”

      I took a deep breath and stood up and ran out of the room. I heard my teacher screaming my name, but I kept on running. This needs to end and I’m the only one who can stop it. “Spyro,” I screamed. “I’m here!” He walked out of one of the rooms with a dead body in his hand. The blood seeped out of his neck and onto the floor. I didn’t know this boy, but I felt the guilt rise in my body. He was dead because of me.

“Hello Arianna. We meet again. How is it you managed to survive eight years ago? You were supposed to be dead. Just like your monstrous parents.”

“You’re the real monster Spyro.” He laughed and dropped the body onto the cold hard floor. He pointed his hand toward me, palm up and lightning was sent out of it, grabbing onto my arms, leaving me helpless.

“My mind control doesn’t work on you. Why is that? I guess I will have to just kill you the old fashioned way.” The lighting became stronger sending the electricity into my body. I felt my heart beat slow and the pain increase with each passing second. I let out a scream. “Pitiful. Will you beg for mercy just like your parents?” I shut my eyes and bit on my lip until it bled. I will not beg for mercy. I will not give in.

       Suddenly, the shocks stopped. I opened my eyes to see Danny fighting Spyro. I took a deep breath, getting the oxygen into my body so I can speak. “Danny stop! Stop!” No matter how many times I yelled stopped Danny kept punching Spyro. Spyro lifted his leg and kicked Danny off of him. Danny smashed into the brick wall, making his head bleed. I watched Spyro take a knife out of his coat pocket and throw Danny the knife. His brow wrinkled and Danny picked up the knife, pointing it towards himself, his eyes illuminating gold. “No!” I ran in front of Danny and the knife pierced my body. I spat out the blood that filled my mouth. It tasted bittersweet.

“A-Arianna? I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. Something just came over me.” He pulled out the dagger from my body and stared at the blood that filled the knife. My blood. I witnessed the students coming out of their classrooms, watching the battle.

“That wasn’t how I envisioned killing you, but I think I like that better. Ah what do we have here? An audience?” I stared at Spyro and felt my hands heat up, the fire soon followed; rising up my arm.  I went after Spyro, but he dodged my attack. He shot lighting at me, I put my hands up in defense and somehow my hands sucked in the attack. I looked down at my hand and saw the lighting flowing through it, mixing with the fire. “What are you?” I pointed my hand towards Spyro and sent his own attack on him. He smashed into the wall, but wasn’t fazed.  He came at me taking his ice cold hand and wrapping it around my neck, pinning me to the wall. He took another dagger from his pocket and shoved it into my stomach, turning it as it was in, making the pain much worse. I gasped for air and sent my hand through Spyro’s black heart. He dropped me to the ground, stepping back; examining the wound. “If I go down so do you.” Spyro took me by my shirt and threw me into another brick wall. I felt the blood oozing out of my body. I threw a fireball at Spyro. I watched him fall to the ground as the life dissipated from his eyes. I smiled. Danny ran over to me. I could still here the gasps that everyone gives out. They fear me. They don’t dare come any closer. They think of me as a monster. I’m not meant for this world. Not yet.

“Arianna. Arianna. Don’t leave me please.” I saw a blurry Danny in front of me, his voice slowly fading.

“I love you Danny,” I said in a voice barely audible. The light brightened and I saw Danny crying, crying over me. My body was in a pool of blood. It reminded me my mother. How I saw her die. Powers aren’t meant for this world. Even if those powers were to be used for good.

         I looked into the blinding light. I saw my mother next to a man that I could not recognize. Could it be? My father. I remember now. Those orange eyes with that vivid blonde hair. I smiled and entered the light, which took me to a place far away from here. A place where our powers would remain hidden to the human world. My mother, the power to teleport. My father, the power of super speed. Then there is me the power to control fire. Soon people will forget about us and the world will go on as it should.

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