If Only I Knew

Niall and Kaitlyn had know each other since birth. But when Kaitlyns dad gets a job offer in Houston, Texas, will Niall ever find kaitlyn again? Read it to find out!


8. What Do We Do Now??

I I woke up in a strange room. And, are there arms around my waist??? I follow the arms back up, to find my beautiful nialler. I think back to last night events. Re-Uniting with a long lost friend, coming home with Niall, him asking me out, us cuddling and falling asleep.

I get up out of bed, only to be pulled right back in. "Don't leave me Kaitlyn, please?" he said in his sleepy, yet sexy morning voice. "okay, but i think Harry made breakfast, so I don't kn-" "FOOOODDDDD!!!!" Niall exclaims. "Thanks for leaving your GIRLFRIEND behind. Love you too Niall" I sarcastically  say with emphasis on girlfriend. 

As I head downstairs, I see niall eating away, Liam taunting Zayn that if zayn doesn't give Liam the last pancake, Liam will steal ALL of zayns hair products. And from what I've heard, that's intense. No one notices me, so I remembered I had a mini air horn in my purse from a concert I went to. So I sneak out of the kitchen, dig through my purse and get it. *sound air horn makes* then I go run and hide in a cabinet in the living room. They all go looking for my air horn. And luckily I grabbed my phone from my purse so I texted each of them saying I was in different places. Then I ran into their music room, made as much noise as I could, and hid in a dark corner. "KAITLYNNNNN!!! WE KNOW YOUR IN HERE. WHERE ARE YOU??" I've managed over the years to have an awesome poker face , but on the inside, I was dying. 

"what do we do know?" Zayn asked. They were all going to take a seat on the floor, and someone was coming my way. It was Lou, as soon as he sat next to me, I said "boo" in the slowest, creepiest voice I could, and he jumped up and screamed his head off. I died of laughter. Then, they found me

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