If Only I Knew

Niall and Kaitlyn had know each other since birth. But when Kaitlyns dad gets a job offer in Houston, Texas, will Niall ever find kaitlyn again? Read it to find out!


11. The next day

The next day, me and Niall decided to stay in while the boys decided to go shopping. "Kaitlyn, it's almost the end of the tour, and I was wondering... If you wanted to come home with me?" nail said with a shaky voice. "of course Niall. It would be nice to have some girl time. And I'd love to see Maura again.''I replied. "okay. We leave in 4days, so start packing. Probably enough clothes for 2weeks.  Welll, now that I think about it... Maybe enough for 3weeks" Niall said with a wink. "oh gosh Niall, if you think I'm going to 'do it' with you while your mum is there, you thought wrong" Niall started pouting."okay but we will have to do it before we leave" he suggested "agreed."




Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on in a loonnnngggg time, I've been trying to catch up on sleep from softball tournaments, and trying to lose weight. So I'll post a few more today!!

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