Brea has a pretty hard life. Considering her strict father who doesn't let her do anything. She then ran away and met one boy. Then four others. But will one get jealous.??


14. Decisions..

Liams P.O.V~

  I'm glad me and Brea have gotten close, I really, really like her but- I think she might still have some feelings for Niall. That does get me pretty upset, and I'm scared if she has to chose one of us, she will chose Niall, and not me.

Brea's P.O.V~

 After that talk with Zayn about Niall and Liam, I have to chose which one. This is really hard... But I don't know.

I started to call.. Niall. But then hung up. I just thought to myself for a while. I really shouldn't be choosing. So, I'm just gonna wait until I get close to one of the guys. Who knows? Maybe I will start falling for the other 3.

I just lied down on my bed and put on my headphones, and put on my favorite band; Sleeping With Sirens on. I realized that I fell asleep when Liam came in and shook me awake the next morning. "Hey, me and the lads are going to get breakfast, care to join us?" He smiled. "Sure, let me get dressed and I'll be down in a few."

I didn't feel like dressing up, so I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with my purple vans, and threw my hair up in a messy bun.

Niall's P.O.V~

 Brea is joining us for breakfast, and maybe when we are out I can show her that I'm the right guy for her. I would hate to see her date one of the other lads, especially Liam. But, we'll just have to see I guess.

Brea's P.O.V~

I walked downstairs to see the boys all sitting down, waiting for me most likely. Niall was the first to speak.. "Wow, you look lovely" I rolled my eyes and walked outside. The boys followed behind. When Harry opened up the passenger seat door, I laughed.. "Harold, sit in the back." He made a cute pouty face which made me smile. I sat in the front, as Zayn drove to this fancy breakfast place. The whole time I was thinking. About what? You probably asked. Well It was about.. 

Harry's P.O.V~

Brea's smile is so adorable. Brea in general, is adorable. I never really said anything.. But I fall for her more and more each day. Her laugh, her eyes, her voice. Are just so beautiful and perfect. I would do anything for her, and I wish that she would know that. The whole car ride, she was on my mind, until there were screaming outside. Fans. I saw Brea tense up. And I could tell she would be nervous about how the fans would treat hear and what they will say.

Brea's P.OV~

Harry was the only thing on my mind. And that was interrupted by the fans screaming outside. I started to get really scared. I know what the fans will say, they will tell me I'm only hanging out with them for fame and the money. That's defiantly NOT true. I love hanging out with the boys, they are all so nice, sweet, funny and adorable. When I'm hanging around with them, I don't even remember that they are famous. I caught the boys all staring at me when I turned my head. I just bit my lip and turned back around. 

"Hey, Brea. If you wan't to, we can just go back home and eat breakfast there" Louis said.

"No, it's fine. I don't care about what the fans think of me" That was a total lie. If one fan says something harsh, I would probably break down and and start crying. But I didn't want to seem weak, and sensitive. So I have to try my best not to cry. 

Harry's P.O.V~

I can tell that Brea is lying. She wont be fine. Maybe I can keep her close to me to protect her from the fans. Then she can see how I feel about her, maybe.

Zayn's P.O.V~

"Okay, ready everyone?"

Brea's P.O.V~

I just sigh and nod my head and step out of the car. But something happened, that was unexpected. All the fans went silent. I turned around to face them, I guess they saw who it was. All I could hear was "Brea, You're amazing!" and "I love you Brea!" I started smiling right away. Maybe this wouldn't be so mad after all. We started walking past the fans.. but some weren't a fan of me. "Brea, get away from One Direction! They probably just feel bad for you, they really don't like you!" "You are a worthless slut Brea, you should just kill yourself." Tears started forming in my eyes.. And Harry came beside me and put his arm around my waist.

Liam's P.O.V~

Wow, these fans are being really mean to Brea.. and I will defiantly not let this continue. I told everyone to be quiet, and once the fans settled down, I spoke.

"Guys, please stop hating on Brea. She really is an AMAZING person. She isn't who you guys think she is. No, she does not just use us for our money or for our fame. In fact, she hates when we buy her stuff..because she feels bad. And she talks to us like regular people. Real fans would not hate on the people we hang out with, especially the girls. So please, just stop hating on her."

Brea's P.O.V~

I was in tears now... but not because I was upset.. It's because of what Liam said. It was so sweet. We walked into the restaurant and took a seat in the back. Then we started ordering.. everyone was finished ordering.. but me. I just said "I don't want anything, I'm not hungry" Louis gave me a concerned look.

"Hey, we should go to the mall after we are done eating, that would be fun!" Zayn said.

I just nodded my head in approval.

Everyone was done eating, and we drove to the mall. The mall looked empty since it was early in the morning, so that's good. We walked inside and there were literally nobody in here. Except for us. Everyone took off running except for me and Harry. We decided to walk around ourselves.

Harry's P.O.V~
I was alone with Brea, and it made me happy. I could get a chance to know about her more.

"Hey, we should get to know each other more, tell me some things about yourself, and things you like to do." Brea looked down and smiled. God, her smile is beautiful. "Well.. My favorite color is yellow, my natural hair color is actually red, ummm. I probably am the most boyish girl you could meet. Like, I'm nothing like a girly-girl. I really enjoy hardcore type bands. Things I like to do is play football, draw, and sing." 

She really is interesting. I didn't think she was like that.. But she is still perfect.

"So, have any big secrets that you would like to tell me? I promise I wont tell any of the other lads or anyone else." I smiled and nudged her shoulder.

She clasped her hands in front of her, and looked down twiddling her thumbs. 

I bit my lip, I was scared to what she has to say.. she looks nervous to say it, and sad.

"Well um, I do have depression and I got diagnosed with it when I was 13. I do self-harm, and that includes me cutting, burning, scratching, and I will occasionally throw myself against the wall or punch my body. I have tried to commit suicide 11 times in my life.. Got put in the hospital 8 of those times. I got anorexia when I was 15.. because I thought that I wasn't good enough.. That I was to fat, to ugly, just worthless. You and my best friend; Clara, are the only ones who know.. I can't trust anyone with this. But I guess that I trust you."

I was shocked. I could see her crying, so I pulled her onto a bench and hugged her. We stayed like this for a long time, until I broke the hug and kissed her cheek. 

"No matter what, Brea. I will always be here for you, okay? You can tell me everything. And I want you to promise me one thing. Please stop hurting yourself.. You are way to beautiful and perfect to be doing things like this to yourself."

Brea's P.O.V~

"I promise."

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