Some People and A Haunted Amusenment Park

I honestly don't idea that I forgot and then remembered.


2. Two

We walk around the park for a bit. We see rides, food stands, and shadows. Ashley is clinging to Pat. Devon and I walk side by side towards the food area. "So, should we camp out here for the night?" Pat asks. I look to Devon. "Looks safer to me than the open, what do you think?" I am trying to make this a voting group, getting everyone's opinion. I watch Devon scan the area with his eyes. "Hmm, I agree, safer than the open." He nods. I am surprised to find myself letting out a breath. I shiver lightly. I'm still damp from the water ride Devon and I went on.

"So, where do we go? Their are..." I take a minuet to count the number of restaurants. "10." Devon says. "Oh, thanks, Their are 10 places we could possibly go...." I trail off and look at them.

Ash says "How about the bigger on, so we have enough room for the four of us?" Pat nods and agrees.

Devon looks around and shakes his head. "No, to hard to protect from Slendy or any other....creepy pastas. I vote one of the smaller ones or something." Looking around I see what he means.

"Yeah, good idea, not only because they are easy to protect but also because they are all ready sheltered slightly by the huge barn their, see?" I point it out. Devon nods and Pat sighs. "Ok, sure, small, lets go!" He leads us to the smaller of the small buildings.

We enter the small ice cream shop slowly and timidly. Devon fallows me and Pat brings up the rear.

Pat walks over to the freezer, behind the counter. He opens it. "Whoa! There is ice cream in here! Sweet!" He grabs a bowl and a spoon. "Duh, they have to have the stores, restaurants and carts stocked so we don't starve, since we aren't allowed to bring things in with us." Devon says to Pat.

I shrug and walk over to the tables. "Hmm" I say and start fiddling with the small booths.

"What are you doing?" Ash asks tiredly.

As I climb under the table I mutter "Devon gave me-AHAH!" I slide out from under the table and the booths creek, groan and start to shift slowly, like the gears have never been used before.

As they finish moving I smile. "Devon gave me the idea, the have to provide us with what we need, so a bed would be in the tables, like in a small camper almost but this is machinery that has a on/off switch. I just had to find the switch." Ash looks the beds over and Devon says "Well, their are only two booths, so two beds."

I shrug and climb under the second booth. I find the switch faster and the booth becomes a bed. It is getting darker and darker outside. I pull out some flashlights and turn them on.


 "Who is sleeping with who?" I ask and look at them. No one says anything. "Wow, way to be." I roll my eyes. Then I grin evilly. "Ash, why don't you and pat share and bed?" Ash and Pat blush but nod. I smirk. "Well, Dev, that leaves us." He blushes like mad and looks down.


"So, do we want watches or what?" Ash and Pat shake their heads. "No, we should sleep." Pat says. "Alrighty then. Lets go to bed then." They nod and climb onto the weird little booth beds. Devon sits on the edge of our bed. I stay standing. Pat and Ash turn off their lights and fall asleep quickly. "I say each of us takes half the night, I'll wake you up around midnight, ok?" Devon nods and lays back. I tug off my jacket and us it as a blanket.

I lay in the bed next to Devon, thinking about what made us break up in the first pace.

Suddenly I hear movement. I stop breathing and realize it was just Devon rolling closer to me. I stand and look out the windows. The moon is almost at it highest point. I glance at my watch. 11:45. I walk over to the bed and shake Devon. "Wha-?" He asks and rubs his eyes. I yawn.

"It's 11:45. Your turn." He nods and stretches. I lay down next to him and shut my eyes. But all I can see is Slender Man grabbing me. I sigh and open my eyes.

"Can't sleep?" Devon asks me quietly. He looks away as I look at him. He was watching me. "Yeah."

"Why?" He asks. "Slender Man. When I shut my eyes that's all I see, him grabbing me." Without realizing it I have started to cry. I don't know why. I rube at my eyes and Devon looks at me. He leans over me and rubes my back. "Shh, Shh, just let it out Shannon. It's ok."

We hear the door open. We look over. A smiling, lidless boy stairs at us. "Go to sleep!" He says and lunges at Devon with a knife.

"I don't think so!" I say and jump up. I intercept Jeff. I grab his knifing hand and retch it. I hear it snap. I smile at his look of pain. I grab the dropped knife and twist his arm behind his back. "Sleep well." I stab him in the back and push him out the door.

I lock it and look at Devon. Ash and Pat slept through that. "I forgot to lock the door. I am so stupid!" I put the knife on the counter and sit down in a chair.

" was coming right at me, but're amazing." I smile grimly. "No, I'm not, I'm just prepared."

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