The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


4. My Pavilion

I was extremely giddy after the tenth cup of pink Ambrosia, my mother took away my cup which was half full. I glared at her and hiccuped loudly.

"I do believe my dear, you've had enough Ambrosia until tomorrow. I still have to show you your pavilion, built especially for you,"

"I have a pavilion? Who built it?"

"Your father, and Hephaestus, it was part of his punishment." I glared at her when she mentioned her ex-match. The guy wanted me destroyed, I had the right to hate his guts. "Come on dear let's go and see it." I got up and followed my mother out of the portal. We walked down the golden path and we stopped at a beautiful pavilion, the clouds were tinged purple, and little cherubs circled the roof protecting it from strangers. When they noticed me they rushed to meet me. I smiled. 

"Hello Goddess Aglaia, we are so glad you have reached the Pavilion of Forbidden Romance and Sacrifice home of Goddess Aglaia."

"Why my little cherubs what do you do? Aphrodite's cherubs make people fall in love, what do you do?"

"We make people see their true love, no matter what people say. We help them find their companions." Forbidden Love cherubs. I went into the portal that served as my door, it was shaped like a broken heart fused together with a white substance. When I opened my eyes to see my entry way I gasped. It was so beautiful, purple drapes hung from the rafters and the fire place fire burned a deep burgundy  Cherubs flew above me almost touching the ceiling. I didn't see Elpidios come from the room next to me. 

"Hello my dear."

"Ma- Elpidios, How are you?" I caught myself before I called him Matt. I feared the consequence of using an English name.

"I am well Aglaia. Nice catch, you almost called me by my English name."

"Yes well it'll take some getting used to."

"Its time for morning Ambrosia."

"Its morning? Already?"

"Yes, your pavilion is clear a cross Olympus. The sun rose three hours ago." I thought the walk here was long. I was too giddy to notice the sun raising or Apollo yelling hello.I was with my mother for nine hours, in her pavilion drinking Ambrosia. I yawned deeply and asked

"Do Gods and Goddesses sleep?"

"Yes dear Aglaia they sleep. I am but a minor god, I share this pavilion with you. For you are my companion. My match." 

"Where's the bed?"

"Follow me,"

"I am too tired  to walk any further Elpidios. Carry me."

"Great Goddess Aglaia I will gladly carry to your chambers," He picked me up with inhuman strength and rushed me up the elaborate stairs and opened a golden door. Inside was an exact copy of my bedroom on earth. I laughed at my memories the pictures of my earthen family. I heap of fur laid on the bed and I gasped as it unfurled its wings. A new born Pegasus stood up on the feathered bed and whinnied in delight at the sight of me. 

"This is Thalia. Your own Pegasus. She was born when you decided to become a Goddess."

"So what, we're blood bonded or something?"

"No your spirit bonded, leave blood bonding to vampires, and Hades and his dog."


"Yes that thing almost got my leg. My father doesn't know how to train his three headed hell hound." I crawled in the bed next to Thalia and she nuzzled next to my neck and fell back to sleep. I noticed a faint white glow between our two bodies. 

"Your spirits are connecting, refreshing both your bodies. Sleep my beauties. For tonight we dine with the Big Three." I fell asleep, Elpidios' words dragging me into dream land. I dream of the books I've read about Greek mythology, I dream of my adoptive parents. I dream of past boyfriends. I dream of the time I lost my most precious gift to any male. But I dream mostly of what if my ex boyfriends were Elpidios in disguise  I woke up to Thalia licking my face. I got up and patted her head. I looked into the mirror and thought I should do something to fix this. I opened my eyes to look for a closet but I eyes were glued to the mirror, my gown had changed from what I wore yesterday to a deep purple gown with gold decals. My hair had been redone and was flowing down my back in auburn curls, golden hearts formed a tiara and a purple dove hung just above where my nose splits off into my eyebrows. I looked gorgeous. 

"Aglaia are you ready?"

"Yes Elpidios I am ready."

"Bring Thalia." I whistled for Thalia, I wished her mane to be braided, and it appeared. We walked out together and Elpidios stood silent, taking me in. 

"You look wonderful. Elpidios are you alright?" He glanced back up to my face.

"You look amazing. Words can't describe how amazing you are." I blushed and Thalia snickered.  "My lady will you honor me, in letting me be your escort?"

"I'd be honored to have you at my side Elpidios. Come along Thalia."



We arrived at the building where I thought I'd be destroyed but instead was accepted. Apollo and Aphrodite stood there at the entrance, embracing one another. Elpidios let me go so I could say hello, Thalia never left my side.

"Mother, father it is so nice to see you."

"Aglaia your gown is gorgeous you're gorgeous." Aphrodite said, gushing at her daughter's beauty. Apollo stood there like a statue afraid to make eye contact. "Apollo say hello to your daughter. She looks hurt your ignoring her."

"Hello my daughter. You do look beautiful. I believe its time to go in. We don't want to keep Zeus waiting. Or any of the big three." Apollo said dismissing Aglaia. Elpidios was at her side in an instant, to lead her inside. 

"What is Apollo's problem? He acts like I'm a piece of garbage or a rat or mud stuck to his shoe."

"I'm not sure. But he doesn't like when the sun has to go down." 

"Who's in charge of the moon?"

"Artemis, his twin."

"The virgin Goddess."

"Correct. Goddess of the Hunt and Moon."

"Will she be here tonight? I wouldn't mind meeting my aunt."

"Everyone here is related somehow. Either by incest or otherwise."  I shut my mouth, touchy subject I guess. We entered a room, very different from where my interrogation took place. This room was decorated with each God's colors. Ranging from the deepest purple to to the brightest pinks and blues. Elpidios led me to a long table and I sat next to Aphrodite, Zeus was at the head of the table looking expectantly at me. To see what I would do. I just wanted this dinner to be over with so I could return to my pavilion. Thalia was laying at my side munching on hay. I didn't know someone was addressing me until I was nudged by my mother.

"As I was saying Aglaia, I trust your pavilion is in your liking?"

"Yes grandfather its very beautiful." 

"If you must call me grandfather then call me grandfather Zeus. Understood?"

"Yes Grandfather Zeus. It is understood."

"I am glad you find the pavilion to your liking." The rest of the meal was silent except for the scraping of metal on porcelain. The grunts and snorts of laughter from other tables. Apollo only had eyes for Aphrodite, and Elpidios was upset still of my questions about Artemis. Finally Zeus stood to dismiss everyone back to their pavilions. I bowed goodnight and left with Elpidios and Thalia close behind. I just wanted to be home, on Earth I missed Earth. I missed Trig, I missed History class I missed Brew It.  I made a mistake. I don't belong here I don't. Their customs are so different from mine. I can't even call my grandfather, grandfather. I reached my door to my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. With no traffic noise to lull be to sleep I stayed awake, trying to manifest something to copy the lullaby of the city. My pavilion was beautiful but it didn't fill the hole that was left when I left my family and friends on earth. I was alone in a sense. I was new on Olympus the rest of them had thousands of years to get used to this. The terms the food, the drink, what to say and what not to say.

I missed my home, I want to go home. I wanted to stay here in my Pavilion forever and curl up on this familiar but unfamiliar bed.

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