The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


12. Hera's Fury


      I hadn't taken into account on how angry one goddess could become. That was until I officially met the Queen of Gods herself, I had heard the stories of Hera's jealousy before, of her anger at the Heroes but I never imagined they were true. I hadn't believed Hera to be the infamous evil queen. No I believed her to be the happy goddess of matrimony and child bearing, and her animal was the cow. I didn't know she had the temperament of the bull. I had entered my mother's pavilion expecting to plan my Match ceremony to Elpidios not to have a confrontation with the goddess who had access to Zeus' lightening bolts. 


When I had entered my mother's red themed pavilion she had a worried look on her face, I was confused and then I saw Apollo white faced when he spotted me. What in the Hades' was going on?


"Darling, uh did you perhaps do Hera's job?"


"What do you mean?"


"Did you reunite a mother and child today?"


"Yea so what, Samantha was my charge I was doing my job by making her happy."


"You fulfilled that by giving her Sebastian and saving her from her father. It was Hera's call to her biological mother. Now you have to deal with her fury."


"Oh please her animal is the cow, how dangerous can she possibly be?" I asked half heartedly. I heard the stories. Zeus told me what she did to his half bred children. I just didn't believe it. Now, not so much. The looks I received from my mother was enough to turn Medusa to stone. Apollo wasn't much better they feared Hera, and soon I would learn why...the hard way.


"Don't talk in such a way Aglaia! Hera is powerful and has a shorter fuse then Ares." as my mother finished speaking there was a strangled scream from a cherub and then a woman stepped through the kitchen portal, she was dressed in a red Greek robe tied at the hips with a golden chain and her hair was pitch black and her face was contorted with anger. A giant black and gold bull stood behind her. Oh Gods this was Hera, Queen of Gods. I bowed my head, more out of fear than respect. Aphrodite stood and welcomed Hera into her pavilion. Hera swiped her hand side ways and my parents were sent crashing into the marble wall. Vines came through the floors and wrapped them into green bundles. Leaving them powerless and unable to help me. I glanced quickly at my 'grandmother' and quickly wished she was my human grandmother with a plate full of oatmeal cookies. Instead of Poseidon's trident pointed at my throat.


"Greetings Hera." I stammered out, I wanted to sound unafraid but instead my words barely came out as a whisper.


"How dare you daughter of the sea whore and Sun god address me in such a way?"


"I'm sorry Goddess Hera Queen of Gods."


"You better be you Earth rat!" Her eyes weren't as I remembered. They were red and filled with anger. I don't remember ever being so scared as I was then. At that moment I felt like I was still on the winter streets of Manhattan in the sights of a taxi cab rushing to meet the green light. But this time I wasn't glowing pink, I wasn't wearing heels and I no longer believed I was human. But right at this moment I felt more mortal then I ever had before. I looked quickly to my mother and father, 


"Hera!" Aphrodite screamed. "She's just a child! She doesn't know any better!"


"Shut up sea whore!"


"Stop calling my match a whore!" Apollo screamed glowing bright like the sun, I shielded my eyes and looked back at Hera.She was frightened of the Sun God. "Now leave my daughter alone!" Apollo said steadily as his bindings fell from him in burnt pieces. He helped Aphrodite down and walked over to the now timid but still frightening Hera. "Now I do not believe Poseidon just gave you this trident."


"No he didn't. I took it. I was so angry!" Hera gave Apollo the trident. I whimpered in relief and rushed into my mother's arms. I started to cry.


"I believe you! I'm sorry I'm so sorry. I won't do it again. I'll never speak to Samantha or Sebastian again, I promise." Aphrodite turned so I could look at Hera, but she didn't let go of me. I was shaking with the sobs that escaped me. The wrath of Hera was horrifying and it made any god seem like a mortal. I thought I was going to Tartarus for good.


"Hera what do you say?"


"I'm sorry Aglaia, I didn't think. You did a good thing." I looked up slowly taking in the words Hera had bestowed upon me. I finally smiled, and released my mother. I walked apprehensively closer to Hera and when she didn't swipe me into the wall I wrapped my arms around her. I felt her sadness and her belief she was unwanted. 


"You are a very important Goddess. Just remember all those that sacrificed themselves for you. I am sorry for doing your job. Samantha reminds me of me so much." I whispered in her ear. I felt her smile, 


"Its alright dear. I lost my head is all. I shouldn't have threatened your life in such a way. I need to learn to use my words." I pulled back and noticed her hair and robe had changed colors. Her hair was coppery brown while her robe was a bright blue. Her bull was white in color and its eyes matched her robe. Aphrodite smiled as she apprehensively invited Hera to stay as we planned the Match ceremony.


"Hera, would you like to stay here to help plan Aglaia's Match ceremony?"


"I'd love to! Where do we begin?" Hera said excited, "I haven't planned a ceremony since my own!" I sat next to Hera as Aphrodite revealed the plans. So far it was beautiful, purple roses and brown tassels and ribbons to signify both Elpidios and myself.


"We're all set besides the date." Aphrodite said looking to me. I hadn't thought much about it, looking back at our relationship you could say we've known each-other forever, without me knowing it. He was my soul mate, my protector, my companion, and soon my Match.


"The sooner the better," I finally said. "Can you do it in two weeks?" I asked hopefully,


"You bet I can my dear." Aphrodite said happily. "Two weeks from today. We can get special permission to get your earth parents up here if you want."


"More than anything! Will Zeus go for it?"


"I have connections my dear." Hera said. "I'll speak to my Match about your Earth parents attending. I'm sure they're dying to see you. Especially your mother. Goodness her love for you, it makes me wonder why Zeus hates humans so much."

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