The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


6. Hephaestus

After my meal with Elpidios, I went out to seek my own adventures on Olympus. I walked all the way to the Great Barrier, that separated Mount Olympus from the human world. I could everyone on the other side, but they couldn't see me. This is so cool, I decided to have some fun with it. On the ground was a tablet of sorts. 

To see a certain area of the Human World, speak clearly and name the person and place you wish to see.

"Dr. Jonathan Anderson of New York City, United States of America." The Barrier swirled and the face of my adoptive father appeared. He sat at his office at the hospital, a picture of me in his hands. He was talking but I couldn't hear what he was saying. But at my old Boarding School, a elective I chose was Reading Lips and Sign Language.

'I miss you Gabby. Or Aglaia, your mother hasn't been able to remember her lines without you. I know you can't be with us the way we would like, but I know you can hear me. Just know that we love and miss you.'

"Enough, thank you." I turned to leave, and bumped into what seemed like a building. It smelled ghastly, and when I looked up a grotesque and scar covered God stood in front of me. Hera's deformed son stood in front of me. My mother's ex-husband. 

"Well hello Goddess Aglaia. Its nice to finally bask in your beauty." I didn't know if I should be scared or flattered.

"Its a pleasure to have met you God Hephaestus. But I really must be going." He blocked my way of escape and I was petrified now, I was cornered between Hermes' Pavilion and the building of a God, Hephaestus. I didn't know what to do. I silently prayed for either of my parents to show up, or Elpidios.

"You are not going anywhere young Goddess. You ruined my marriage. Disgraced me!"

"How? I don't even know you! How do you think feel? I just found out my birth parents are Gods! That I have super powers and have domain over forbidden love and sacrifice!"

"My wife had an affair and had you! Made me believe you were mine! But I knew better, how could something so beautiful share my seed?" 

"Hephaestus, perhaps  you should take this up with my parents. Since I have nothing to do with this willingly!" 

"NO! I am sticking with my plan! You will be my new bride!" 

"I don't think so. I am Matched to another! Elpidios will find out about your plan, and Zeus will not stand for this yet again." 

A rope of gold shot out from his belt and wrapped itself around me, and I was suddenly very sleepy. I fell into the arms of the crazed God, and as he carried me away I called out to my father, mother, and love.



I woke up in a dark room, that was sweltering. It felt like I was in the middle of a volcano. I heard the bang of a hammer against metal and turned to the sound. Hephaestus was making something. I struggled against the ropes that bound me to the earthy wall. My hair had come loose from the bun I had it in, I must look like a mess.




I paced quickly in the foyer waiting for Aglaia to return home. Where was she? She told me she would be home by now.

Aglaia. Where was she?

Where are you?

Hephaestus...took me... to his-layer Get my parents...get Zeus if you must. Just help me! Its too hot here.

Hephaestus took my only love! How dare he, I raced out of the Pavilion, towards Apollo's.

"Apollo! Aphrodite!" They came out of the Pavilion, Ambrosia in hand.

"Elpidios! What is it?"

"Aglaia has been captured."

"By whom?" Apollo said, drawing his bow and arrow.


"Damn Him!" Aphrodite swore. "Get my father. We're going to get her. And he will rot in Tartarus!"

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