My Everything

Ever sense Avery's mom died of a car accident her dad has been beating her.will she finally get away from her dad and live a happy life well read my book My Everything to find out


2. The plan

Avery's POV

  I walked back to my room and patched up my shoulder with the mini first aid pack i have.I got in to a pair of shorts and a tank top and crawled in bed.As usual before i went to bed i prayed to my mom i missed her so much she was the nicest peson i knew.After that i went to sleep i woke up at 8:30 like always and went down and had some food before my dad woke up.After breckfest i went upstairs and made my plan to escape in my head i was 40 precent sure it would work but it was worth a try.At 11 o'clock i went to bed i had a small alarm set for 2 o'clock because i knew my dad would be asleep i woke up at two put on some warm clothes and put my golden brown hair up in a pony tail and grabbed the alredy packed suticase and put it on the window seil i looked at the clock 2:47. I wrote a small note to my dad saying how much i hated him and that kind of stuff and got ready to go right before i was about to jump my dad came in oh great.


            cliffhanger right guys i hope you like so far i dont really know whitch boy will find her but if you have a idea you should comment one anyway ilove all my little reader see yall 

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