My Everything

Ever sense Avery's mom died of a car accident her dad has been beating her.will she finally get away from her dad and live a happy life well read my book My Everything to find out


4. Found

  Louis's POV

   Zayn and Harry just got in a fight and i hated seeing them fight so i decided to leave and go on a walk.I walked to the nearest park and when i got there i sawl a girl in the slide covered up in a blanket she looked like she was there all night."Oh my god" i said and woke her up "who are yo.....OH MY............"she said shhhhhhh "i know im Louis Tomilson"i said "why are you out here and were you out here all night"i asked

  Avery's POV

   "Ummmmm i dont really wanna tell you why i'm here but ya i was out here all night"i said"well do you have somewhere to go"he asked "no" i said "well c'mon your comming with me"he said "ok"i said.When we got to his flat I went crazy well in my head i went crazy.I was probly the biggest one direction fan ever."Ummmmmmm lou whos the girl" liam asked "and why is she here"asked zayn"i found her at a park and she has nowhere to go"said louis "HI"Harry and Niall jumped up hugging me "OWWWWWWWWWWWW" i screamed "whats wrong love" Harry asked "i hurt my leg thats all"i said "oh"he said well this is gonna be fun

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