My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


9. My Bully Story

When I got home from school I told my mom about what had happen today . I tried to call my dad but I got not response . I did worry a little but not that much . Later that night I hoped that tomorrow they would skip school again . That night I got a Great Sleep until ... Someone threw a bottle threw my window . I was frightened ! I got up out my bed and turned on the light , And I saw that my window was broken . I walked towards my window , and picked up the bottle ... I saw a peace of paper in it ... I took it out the bottle and read it . It had a message on it . It said

' Your up for a surprise tomorrow at school .. Tell Your mommy you want to or she'll get hurt to !  HAHHAHAHAHAHA GINGER !' . After I read that I dropped the not and looked out the window and show all the people that messed with me at School. I wanted to tell my mom but I couldn't let anything happen to her .

I looked out the window and said " If you touch my mom I will Kill You !! "



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