My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


8. My Bully Story

When I woke up this Morning I still didn't want to go to School , But I knew if I didn't  I would fall back on a lot of things . I got up put my Ripped jeans and my black shirt on and put my hair in a pony- tail . I knew my day was Going to be bad . I got in my car and drove to School . When I got there I went to my Locker and got my books out . Walked though the crowd of people and tried not to make my self look noticeable . I got to Class and there was no one in there but the teacher , On her Phone .

" Oh Hello Taylor . It seems Your the only one who came to Class Today .. I think the others skipped AGAIN !" Teacher said

" Again? " I said

" Yes , They wasn't here Yesterday .. " Teacher Said

" I saw Them yesterday " I said

" during School Hours ?" Teacher Said

" yes .. " I said

" Yes .. There skipping School. " Teacher Said . " That's less Work for me . " Teacher said

That day she let me work with her when I was done with all my work , Today was the best day of School for me .



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