My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


6. My Bully Story

I cried and prayed to my father to help me , All of a Sudden I could hear A voice , A voice that sounded just like my Dad's .. It was talking to me , I heard it and I suddenly stop crying and listened . It said ' Faith is the source of our hope ... Hope makes all things possible ...Faith , Hope , and Love abide... And the greatest of these is Love ... '

I Asked " Dad .. Is That You ? .. "

" Yes" The Spirit Said

" Dad I miss You So much and I really need Your Help " I said

" I Miss You too Sweetie , And I will find a way to help you , I promise .

" Thank You Dad " I said , After I said that I felt I was Alone , I knew he was gone . He made me feel so much Better . I got up and gave my dog some water . I got worried of what would happen when I went to school tomorrow . I knew that something bad would happen .

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