My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


5. My Bully Story

I was hoping that they didn't see me . So I turned around and started to walk back as fast as I Could .. I was trying not to make it obvious . I could hear one of them say

" Heyy Is that Ginger !?" A Boy Said . I could feel my heart throbbing against my chest

" Yea , That's Her !.... " A Girl Said

" Ginger!!!! Come here " A Boy Said . I just kelp Walking trying not to listen.

"Ginger! " A Girl Said . A Few Seconds Later I heard a Boy say ' Lets Get Her'

I Picked up my dog and Started Running ... They Were Catching Up To me and I was about 2ft From my house .. I ran In and Hurried and Locked the door . I could hear them knocking on the door

" Leave Me Alone !!! " I screamed

" Now We know Where Ginger Stays " A Girl Said " We'll Be Back Ginger ! " A Boy said .

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