My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


2. My Bully Story

The Nurse looked at my back and saw a Big Bruise .. She asked me what had happened .

" I was Sitting Down and he just came behind me and punched me in my back I guess" I said

" What did you do to him ?" The Nurse Asked

" I don't know, On the first day of school he told me No Gingers aloud " I said .. I Started Crying

" Taylor Its ok " She Said  That day she sent me home for 2 Days . When I got home that day my mom had just Hugged me .

" Sweetie , Are you Ok ?!"  Mom Said .

" Yes , ( I Cried) .. I don't want to go there anymore " I said

" But That the only school in our district . " Mom Said . I just Ran To my room and Cried .

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