My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


1. My Bully Story

It was my first day of High School. In my Class , I was the only Red Head. The Girls in my class Said I wasn't welcomed , And the guys in my Class Said that They Didn't want Gingers by them .. So I sat in the front of the class where no one was at . I felt Better there. .

The Second Day got Worst .. We had a Test to do to see what we knew , I couldn't Concentrate at all because I heard people talking about me. I tried not listening to them but it was hard because they kelp throwing paper at me and hitting me in my back . At lunch I sat by myself . A Girl From Another Class had came up behind me and took my apple out my plate . I ignored it .

The third day Got Even Worst !! I was sitting in my seat and a guy in my class came and hit me Really Hard in my back, The teacher Shouted at him and Called the police to come up to the class , A few minutes later the police came in the class and put him in hand cuffs , And they took me to the nurses office .

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