a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


15. finally gone

As I stand there all I can hear is the words "you will die for good" in my head as slender stares at me with his mask like face, I hold both my hands behind my back and hold the gun, loaded, cocked and ready to fire. Slenders tentacles start to make a small circle around me, I can now hear the screams of Zayn and Kylie, both screaming in horror "no Savannah, don't do this!" But I have to, it's the only way

I mutter to the monster before me, "why did you kill me in the first place?"

"Your friends have to learn to lose"

"Haven't they already, you've already killed me once, one of them can't live without me, he couldn't before why do think he will now?" I mutter with hate, Slender is speechless but continues to close the circle around me.

"Then he can die"

The words make me snap, I whip the gun from behind me and fire at the monsters head multiple times until the gun is empty, I collapse next to the body of my stalker and watch as it slowly fades into dust. After it's all dust I stand and turn to my friends, who are all dead on the ground, I try to run to them but an invisible wall keeps me from them, and Zayn and Kylie are the worst, their throats are cut open, but the surrounding area is black like slenderness tentacles. I scream silent and sob silent tears, I collapse and cry, suddenly slender man appears in front of me and wraps a long tentacle around my neck, he pulls me up off of the ground and holds Zayn in another, but he's alive, eyes filled with horror.

"Let him go!" I scream, but slender thrusts a tentacle into his stomach and drops him, I scream. He drops a knife and it lands in Zayn's chest.

"No!!!!" I sit up still screaming, someone tries to hold me but I fight and fight. I hear Zayn's voice soft and scared, I stop fighting and just sit. Horrified with my dream I cry when I hear Zayn comfortingly say, "it's ok it's ok" I see Niall and Kylie on the bed across from mine, both fast asleep and familiar warm arms around me from behind. I turn and see Zayn alive and happy, I hug him so tight, he holds me as tight as he can. it's all over, I killed slender man and now I'm here with Zayn, that's all that counts, my friends are safe, that's all that counts.

"You scared me to death Savannah don't you dare do something like that again, I could have lost you again" he sobs, I cry into his shoulder

"I'm sorry, I had to, I couldn't live with it any longer, I love you I need you I can't live without you Zayn" I cry, Niall sits up next to Kylie

"I love you too, I can't live without you either"

Five months later

"Will you marry me Kylie?" Niall asks holding a box out to her, I stand behind her in Zayn's arm, ever since that night I haven't had any nightmares at all, Zayn has not proposed to me yet but I feel like that time isn't too far away.

"Yes I will marry you Niall"

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