a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


12. burping contest

zayns POV


after savannah had that nightmare she fell asleep in my lap, i sat on her bed and leaned against the wall, she fell asleep and kylie and niall went out in the sitting room, savannah turns abruptly and scares me, i start to think she is having another nightmare, but she settles down

"zayn, don't leave me" she says quietly, i assume she is sleep talking and don't move until she turns over and looks at me

"zayn" she says

"don't worry, im right here, m  not going anywhere" i say, she smiles and turns back over, i adjust us so her head is on my shoulder, my knees and down are off of the bed, i put my head on the wall, grab a pillow to support it and fall asleep with her

savannahs POV

when i wake up zayn is asleep next to me, i sit up, his arm instantly wraps around my waist, i turn to see him still asleep, im guessing he is reacting in his sleep, i pull his arm off of me and stand up, i was right, he doesn't move, i walk into the kitchen, past kylie and niall asleep on the couch in the sitting room, i get some lemonade and a lemon zester cookie and walk back to the room with zayn, but he isn't in bed, i look around and guess he is in the bathroom, i sit down and eat my cookie, i start drinking my lemonade and zayn comes out of the bathroom

"hey" he says sleepily and sits next to  me looking at my lemonade, i give the glass to him and he drinks half of what i have

"hey, mine" i take it away from him and chug the rest before he can do anything, he burps loudly, i can feel it and it hurt my ears

"beat that" i burp so loudly it shakes the bus, zayn bursts out laughing

"beat that" i say and laugh, i love his laugh, he fell on the floor and holds his stomach, that's how hard he is laughing

"what happened in here" kylie walks in" i burped" i say smiling and zayn laughs harder

"oh my gosh savannah" niall says and walks in behind kylie

"yeah, im amazing" i say and zayn grabs my leg pulling me to the floor next to him

"that's how bad it was, to make zayn laugh that hard" niall says laughing a little

"yep" i say and my phone rings

"hello" i say

"what was that, who burped back there" louis' voice says and i hear other voices in the background

"that was me lou, no joke, zayn is on the floor laughing so hard he is crying right now" i say and hear them laugh

"no way" harry yells in the back

"wan an encore" i say

"sure" they say, i burp again, the bus shakes, they all laugh really hard

"how do you do that" liam asks

"i don't know, its a gift" niall laughs, i do too

"wow" kylie says

"i know right" i say and smile, zayn pulls himself up on the bed and laughs more

"can anyone else do that" harry asks

"i don't think so, you can try" i say and hang up, zayn wraps his arms around me, i hold them there and lean back on the side of the bed, i love him


sorry for the short chapter guys, and if i take a while to update, don't worry, i have quite a few other books in progress, and im going farther in to this one than expected, so, update when i can, thanks, luv ya

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