Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


8. Chapter 7

Abi's P.O.V. 


Everyone was talking I just sat there listening to them. maybe alittle laughing but I didn't talk cause they all knew eachother I was new and I never really talked to people alot my dad would never let me talk to people at school I didn't have friends everyone was afried to be friends with me cause of my dad you know.


"So Abi" Niall started breaking my thoughts

"So Niall" I said and everyone started laughing 

"Well Lou here has something for you" El said 

"Umm and what is it" I asked 

"Yesterday I bought you a phone" Lou said in an Exicted tone 

"Really" I asked not believing I know I know A 17 year old girl like me doesnot believe she will finally have a phone well it's true I never had a phone so this is my first one 

"Yup Here you go" Lou said handing me a box that was on the table It had an iPhone in it. I silly smile grew on my face 

"Thanks Louis" I said giving louis a bear hug (Just like the ones Niall gives to the fans that he meets)




So what do you think Good Bad? Bla Bla Bla Sorry I didnot update in like alot of time I was soooo busy and I didn't have my laptop Updating maybe Tomorrow?





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-Niall's food xx

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