Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


2. Chapter 2

* Abi's P.O.V.*


We walked out of starbucks....and for sure I took my suitcase or big bag we got in the car Liam driving Niall sitting in the passenger seat and I'm in the back...the only voice you can hear in the car is the radio suddenly Kiss You started playing and I started jumpping up and down in my seat while mouthing the lyrics....Niall turned fron his seat to look at me, He laughed I blushed. I better stay calm 

"So, your a fan" Niall asked laughing

"Correction, Directioner" I said

"Ok, and you didn't freak out when sat with you" Liam asked

"Umm, well at first but I had to calm down plus today is not the day to fangirling" I said with my face turning P!NK (see what I did here). 


The car came to a stop Niall openned the door for me (What a gentelman) I looked at the House and my mouth dropped...It was a HUGE white house with brown window frames I notecied that there is a pool in the back yard 


"Close your mouth you don't wanna catch flies"  Niall said I laughed 

"Ha.Ha.Ha" I said punching Niall in his shoulder playfully


Liam openned the frount gates and we walk through there were big men standing by the gates and greeted us. Niall openned the door and they lead me inside from outside it looks like a palce from inside the house is breathtaking (NO WORDS TO DISCRIBE IT'S BEAUTY AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT ZAYN I AM TALKING ABOUT THE HOUSE 'LOL')...I heard laughing and I just stood there


"C'mon let me show you your room" Liam told me...He is so sweet and SEXY!

I walked with him and I'm guessing my room is the guest room the house is so big but it's half of it I can't believe I'm lgonne be living here and best part I am living with ONE DIRECTION!

The room was big it had a king size bed and the walls were Green with colourfull big and small spots on one of the walls and a BIG SCREEN T.V. a walk in closet and a mirror but a big mirror 

"Thanks Liam this place is amazing" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek

"Your very welcome love" He said and left the room


After less than a min there was a knock on the door

"Come in" I said and it was liam 

"Sorry but start unpacking your stuff and come down stairs me and Niall want you to me the lads" Liam said smilling 

"Sure give me 30 mins I wont take long" I said and he walked out the room I locked the door and started unpacking I took 10 mins I didnot have loads of stuff...Luckly I had my own bathroom I went inside the bathroom and undressed myself, I let the hot water run down my  body. I finished my Shower wore my PJ's I didnot bother to dry my hair cause I love it getting curled but I put it in a non-messy bun I really wasn't the kind of girl that likes to put make up first cause they need to know me for me second (NOT TO BRAG) I didn't need any make up.


*Liam's P.O.V.*


"So guys that girl I'm telling you about she looks really nice and alittle shy" I said breaking the scilents

"Is she fit" Harry asked (CHEEKIY HAZZABEAR) 

"She's modle thin so yes" Niall said with a smile 

"Why do girls take a long time getting ready" I asked and as I did I heared foot steps on the stairs and it was Abi a smile grew on my face am I falling for her I asked my self 


"Hi" Abi said with a smile 

"Hello Abi" everyone replayed happly 

I patted a spot on the couch so she could come and sit next to me and she did that I am really falling for her but I must take it slow maybe she is not nice..Oh who am I kidding she looks really nice 



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