Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


17. Chapter 13

*The Next Day*


Abi's P.O.V.


I woke up to the sound of people screaming, I got off the bed went to my closet pulled out a Pink Tank Top and Short shorts and took my flats I went to the bath room and took a shower 


*Skipping Shower*


I got out of the shower, Wore my close Dried my hair and then I put it into a messy bun. I skipped the stairs and went to the kitchen no one was there NOT EVEN NIALL! What happend to those boys? Oh well I made my self a sandwich I took it and went to see what are they all up to. Once I went to the living room where ther were all sitting everyone kept quiet.


"Morning, Whats up with you guys I heard screaming" I said as I sat on the couch next to Harry 

"Well I have good news" Lou said

"And it is" I said making him continue 

"El. is....ElEANORISPREGNANT" Lou said quickly I didn't understand a word

"What did you say" I asked

"El is pregnant" Lou said  and a smile grew on my face I got up from my place on the couch and started dancing up and down and smilling 

"Oh my carrots, Lou's gonna be a father" I said (STILL JUMPING)

"Calm Down, Love" Harry said then I sat down again 

"That means we are uncles" Niall said the boys nodded

"And you are the aunt" Liam said pointing at me 

"What" I said 

"Well since you are like my sister so that makes you the aunt" Lou said I just sighed 


All the boys got up leaving me and Zayn alone 


"Zayn" I said

"Mhmm" Zayn said

"You are not your self, Something wrong" I asked worried 

"Perrie broke up with me yesterday" Zayn said 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I am here for you" I said taking him in a hug he hugged back we stayed like this for a couple seconds then pulled away 

"I know that" Zayn said smilling 

"Come one" I said while standing up 

"Where are we going" Zayn stood up too 

"For a walk, to get your mind off things" I said we both headed to the door

"Me and Abi are going for a walk" Zayn Shouted we heard a couple Ok's and sure, and walked out closing the door behind us. 


There was a nearby park here so we walked to the park in scilents but not awkward when we got there there I ran to the swings Zayn ran after me. I sat on one of then Zayn sat on the one next to me I know what your thinking a 17 year old and a 20 year old sitting on swings well guess what Its ok to me and there were not really much people best thing no one came to Zayn asking for pictures or anything 


"Wanna get Ice-Cream" Zayn asked I nodded(A\N: Zayn and Abi had there walets and phones with them)

We both jumped from the swings and once again I ran to the Ice-Cream shop that was in the park and Zayn ran after me I was a fast runner Zayn was slow. We got to the Ice Cream shop when we were at the door Zayn stopped dead in his trackes


"Want a pigyback ride" Zayn asked I looked at him with a confused look on my face then nodded I Was now on Zayn Malik's back and I know I was not heavy at all since I don't eat alot we enterd the shop earning some stares from people sitting on the tables but I smiled Zayn went to the casher with me STILL ON HIS BACK! the waiter looked at us with a questioning look then changed it with a smile.


Both me and Zayn ordered Mango Ice-Cream. I got off Zayn's back and again people were staring at us I just kept a smile on my face thats all Zayn paid for our Ice-Cream I wanted to pay for mine but Zayn won't let me We went out of the shop and stated walking in the park It was really great that two bestfriends could hang out together SInce I didnot have anyfriends 






So what do you think? This chapter is nice and nothing awkward happend but the next chapter should be awkward I guess Haha thanks guys please 










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