Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


11. Returned

The light lite up the bridge for a matter of seconds before it disappeared and Melissa's battered body was left in its place.

"Melissa!" Chekov yelled running to her "get the keptin and doctor McCoy! Quickly!" he ordered Sulu. Sulu called Bones on his communicator

"doctor is the captain with you?" Sulu asked quickly

"yeah, is there a problem?" he replied

"Commander Pike's just been beamed on board" all Jim heard was her name when he started running towards the bridge "she's not in great condition" Sulu finished his message. About 2 minutes later Jim and Bones ran into the bridge.

"Melissa!" Jim cried running towards her. He knelt next to her and Bones knelt the other side, "is she okay?" he asked quickly.

"She's got a pulse but its weak" Bones shook his head. Jim's face filled with despair, he hooked his arms under Melissa and carried her quickly to the medical bay.

"Captain" Uhura stood as he ran in carrying Melissa "is she okay?" he put her down gently on one of the beds next to Spock and Bones quickly gathered nurses to help examine her. Jim sighed

"Bones said it didn't look good" Uhura touched his shoulder,

"Oh Jim-"

"Keptin! admiral Pike would like a word with you" Chekov's rand though the ship. Bones nodded at Jim

"i'll look after her"

"you better" Jim said before making his way to the bridge. Jim walked onto the bridge to find Pikes image on the screen.

"Captain Kirk" he said

"admiral" Jim replied.

"why was my daughter captured and abused?" Jim sighed

"the ship attacked us said they would destroy us if she didn't go to them" Pike didn't look sure "i told her not to but she-"

"you're the captain on this ship are you not?"

"yes sir"

"then why did she go?" Jim swallowed

"i let her" Pike shook his head


"in all fairness sir, i would never do anything to hurt her and i did send 1st officer Spock with her"

"that doesn't change anything"

"how about the fact that i love her?" Pike was quiet for a moment,

"what do you-"

"your daughter and i have the same signet" Jim said "if i knew he was going to do that to her" he shook his head, feeling tears sting his eyes "i swear, i would never let her go" Pike was silent, along with everyone else on the bridge.

"you feel for her what i felt for her mum" he said eventually "when she awakes return her to earth along with the rest of you, she'll need rest" Jim nodded "and Jim... Look after my little girl".

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