Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


10. Beam her back

"Captain!" Uhura's voice came over his communicator "he's awake! Spock's awake!"

"i'm on my way!" Jim yelled running from the bridge all the way to the Medical bay. Jim ran into the room to find Spock sat up in bed with Uhura sat next to him and Bones examining his head for any damage. 

"Captain" he said nodding slightly

"Spock" Jim said walking forward "what happened to you?"

"from what i can recall, they said i was of no importance to them"

"what did they do to you?" Uhura said holding his hand

"I believe they stunned me constantly for a few days" 

"what about Mel?" Jim asked quickly 

"i was not aware she did not return with me" Jim sighed and looked at the floor

"well its good to have you back Spock" he smiled slightly before making his way to his quarters.


"stand up!" Jack yelled pointing his stun gun at Melissa.

"I... Can't" she stuttered trying to pull herself up. She had gained at least 50 new cuts and bruises and had been stunned about 10 times the last 2 days.

"don't be a wimp" Jack snapped firing at her, Melissa winced and collapsed to the ground breathing heavily , she was so weak, in so much pain, she couldn't carry on like this.

"sir" the same man that walked in yesterday strutted in "the money's here and admiral Pike would like to see her" Jack nodded

"bring the communication up and the money" the man nodded and walked of "looks like you're going home" he smirked. Pikes image came up on the screen and the man brought the money into the room.

"you've got the money, now beam her back" Pike said looking at Jack with cold eyes. Jack smiled

"is it all there?" the man nodded "fine, beam her back" bright lights began to to float around Melissa but just as she was about to disappear Jack pulled the trigger on his stun gun, hitting her in the head and knocking hr unconscious.

"No!" Pike yelled,

"well" Jack smiled "at least she's back".

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