Macie Blake was in a coma, and doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up surrounded by a crowd of people she doesn't recognize. They are her family. Read to see how Macie finds out about her past and a mysterious boy.

Also I'm not exactly sure if I'll keep writing this... Post suggestions


2. Chapter 2 'What are parents?'

"Mom" slowly looked up at me. "I mean I have some visions of you... But who are you, who is he" I said pointing to the stuttering boy, "and who is everyone else?..." "Mom" began to gush tears as she turned and hugged the stuttering boy. "S-s-someone call the Doctor! Oh God! This can't be happening to me!". She fell into the arms of a man who had been staring at me closely. He came forward putting "Mom" on a chair. "Macie, honey? Do you remember me?" He said slowly. "No" I said. "I don't think so."

The "Doctor" and a woman in a uniform and clipboard walked in quietly and watched.  "Well honey" he said sitting slowly on the edge of the bed. "I am your dad, and this" he said patting "Moms" shoulder, "is your mom". "Huh?" I said. "What's a mom, and whats a dad?" "Dads" face fell and "Moms" cries got louder. "I'll explain that to you" he said taking my hand. "A mom and a dad are two very important people in a girls life. Thats you" he said smiling. "They take care of their kids and they make sure they don't do anything bad. They also make their kids happy.

So... Your mom and I," he said pointing to my "mom" and him. "Have taken care of you, and your brothers. Speaking of which, this is your brother Josh and your brother Max is going to be here soon, but he's on his way." I sat up slowly thinking. "So my names Macie? 'Cuz thats what everyone has been calling me." "Yes" mom said sniffling, "Yes."  "I'm Here!" A large muscular boy ran in. "Macie!" He said crying. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. Macie! Are you okay?" "Max?" I said. He hugged me tightly, and fell crying into Moms arms, the both of them crying. I looked around the room, thinking... "Where am I? And what happened?" I said speaking strongly. "Well honey," Dad said. "I think you'll want to hear it from a friend. This..." He said as he motioned to a dark haired girl. "Is your best friend Gabby."


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