Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


27. The YOLO Phenomenon

I don't remember if I've ranted about this before, but it deserves another rant. I look at some of the fan-fictions, or just normal badly written movellas, and there is a trend in them. None of the characters have a shred of common sense. They befriend strange guys, just because the strange guys are attractive.

They do questionable things, at questionable times, with very questionable people. I know that there are some teenagers out there that party till dawn and are vessels for every STD known to man, but let's all hope that that's just a minority.

There are bookworms, geeks, athletes, preppies, Clean Teens, out there that are not being written down in the pages of any book. At least, not as the main character. No, the main character always has to be a promiscuous or semi-promiscuous hottie who is either over-confident or blind to her own beauty. Not many of them care about their grades, more frantically thinking about their social status.

Superficial people that simply masquerade as something more, people that we are supposed to believe live by the saying "YOLO", You Only Live Once. Biggest problem with the "YOLO" phenomenon? It probably covers everything your parents have nightmares about, and more. The first thing that bothers me, is how quickly things get intimate. It's unreal, and not the the thing that preteen girls should be reading.

Okay, fine, some would say I'm being a prude. But it's pretty much a universal opinion that 12-14 year old girls shouldn't be reading about kidnapping, pregnancies, miscarriages, etc. written in such a disillusioned, insensitive light, by people that do not at all understand the trauma such things can cause.

I mean, honestly, a girl gets pregnant in high school, and she feels nothing but happiness? For most girls, it's the end of life as they know it. Forget freedom, forget college, everything has to be put on hold. They could get kicked out by their parents, they would get teased at school.

Let's stick to the reality for a second please. I'm afraid for my IQ and my sanity every time I read another one of these movellas so far from reality.

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