Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


20. Pure Ire

God, I hate that this is happening. It's recently been pointed out that the number of 1D fan-fics are decreasing, to be replaced by something called "5SOS". I've heard of this other boy band, never heard their songs, and quite honestly, don't see the difference. I was hoping that once the 1d plague was over, we would actually have a nice writing site. Well, it's nice to dream. I wonder if Bry (LittleMsHollywood) will write a anti-fanfic about this. Hope that she will. And in case you haven't heard, she's back! With all her Codename books in tow! Hurrah!


Well, back to the 5SOS thing. I don't know this band. Soon I will probably have their songs shoved into my ears when I would perfectly content listening to Nirvana instead. So, I'm here to get out my rage. Brace yourselves.


When will teenage girls realize that cute boys and dimples are not the fundamental requisites for good music? My favorite singer, an Indian guy by the name of Shankar Mahadevan, looks like this:



See that? And he has the best vocals on this planet that I have heard. He sang a song for two minutes straight. TWO MINUTES. AND... he wrote it! Why can't some people move beyond their obsession with appearance and stop ignoring good music by people that don't look like movie stars?


I read the mumbles page sometimes. People gushing about Niall's eyes, Harry's dimples, his hair, Zayne's cheekbones (yes, the oddest thing ever), and whatever else. Not many were about their voices, their lyrics. They're not models, not actors, their job shouldn't be to look good. Their job should be to make good music, first and foremost. That's taking a backseat to being chocolate boys for adolescents to drool over. They could probably make any song in the world, even crappier than "Friday" and they would still be stars. Because teenage girls will be teenage girls.


Now, we will have another one of them on this site. Another menace to add to the problems. 5SOS. Maybe we should send out an SOS?





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