Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


13. Imagery

At the moment, I want to strangle the person that coined the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Because at the moment, I am hating pictures. As a child, I used to love when fiction had the original sketched drawing amongst the pages. You know those books, the Spiderwick Chronicles, books of Road Dahl, etc. Even some of the classics had some drawings which depicted important scenes.


Those pictures, those drawings, had value. They added to the story in a small way, and their presence was just unnecessary. Most times the story was so good I would skip right past the pictures.


Pictures are showing up on Movellas. Now, I'm not against pictures if they're just an embellishment. In one of the movellas that I have mentioned before, Hulksuru by LittleMsHollywood and Mmurray28, there are pictures of the cities. Now, these pictures add to the whole mood of the story. And the authors already describe the various cities in detail. Some of the authors on here, like Sakura, are also good artists, and they have movellas consisting only of their art. These are the not the pictures that I am talking about.


I'm talking about the 'outfits'. I have no idea what possesses a person to be so lazy that they do not describe a person's outfit, and instead say, she's wearing all the stuff below:



Do not call yourself a writer if you do this. Go to wikipedia and search Young Adult books. One of the things that is characteristic of Young Adult books, most of them anyway, is the emphasis on the description of characters' attire. That means, writing about what they're wearing, not copying and pasting a picture.


Writers should have the ability to paint pictures with their words, not use pictures to tell their stories. They shouldn't depend on a photo someone else took to tell their story for them, or worse yet, take the easy way out of describing something.


In my opinion people who do this aren't really that interested in writing. They're more interested in copy-and-pasting.

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