Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


29. A Suggestion to Me that Went Unheard

Okay, I know I was AWOL during the last month, and something cataclysmic happened! I reportedly got my first instance of hate messages, on One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet. I was going through the notifications and saw the beginning of the message, a rather imaginative suggestion.


It was something along the lines of "Why don't you go throw yourself in front of a bus and paint the roads red..." And then something, I think it had to with my blood. Wonderfully poetic isn't it? If that's not the proper suggestion, than I please invite the commenter to tell me what they wrote, because the comment has since been deleted by one of my friends, and I'm sort of curious.


You might think that I'm writing this out of spite, I'm not. I honestly couldn't care less. Here's the thing. I wrote something, something that makes no difference in the real world, a part of One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet. Just five minutes ago, I read a movella in which Zayn Malik buys a girl from a slave auction and then sexually assaults her several times. What's more insulting to their "idols"? Thousands of fan-fictions that degrade their characters, or one that tries to counteract the phenomenon by employing a similar tactic?


It's my opinion, and I have that freedom on this website. I didn't address a single person directly, and I never named any Directioner or any of the bad writers that I ranted about. There are fan-fictions out there with the members of One Direction kidnapping people, raping girls, doing unnameable and illegal things. I think that our movella does the five boys more justice than those kind of fan-fictions.


Not to mention this, the suggestion came to me from a person claiming to be thirteen years old. Yes, children of this time are very different from five years ago. So, I'm going to let it go. If she wants to verbally attack me again, the messages won't be deleted, and they will be replied to in a civil manner. I'm not going to name this person, because she hasn't bothered me.


I stated my opinion that a lot of the one direction fanfiction on this site is dirty, badly-written and not right for the site. She expressed her opinion that I should go kill myself for expressing my opinions in an imaginative way.




Editor Ambassador/ Ignorer of Suggestions

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