Zayn; My bully

Fun story..... No more


4. Hate and Love

"Louis!" I came home crying, as I walked through the door. "I am home."


"Hey little sis! Woah! What happened to your face?" Louis looks concerned at my swollen cheek. "Who did this to you? I'll beat the crap out of them!"


"No, Louis. No one did this to me. I fell."I say, still crying. "I tripped over a crack and landed on my cheek on a step." I manage to stop crying. "I'll be fine. I'll just put some ice on it." 


"Are you sure? You're not lying are you?" Louis says, still concerned.


"No, I am fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get some ice for this." I run to the kitchen and grab a baggie to put ice in it. After I put the ice in it, I put a rag over the bag so my hand doesn't get too cold. "Louis! Do you not know how to clean up after yourself?" I say, as I clean up the cereal he dropped.


"I'm sorry" He says without a care in the world.




I hear the door open and look to see who it is. And I think to myself, Oh great. I run upstairs to call Carina. 




"Guess who's here Carina." Before she gets a chance to answer Zayn slams the door open and I hang up the phone. He walks up to me and slaps the ice and phone out of my hands, and he says "Why do you hang up so fast, huh? if you tell ANYONE, about what I do to you, I won't only hurt you, I'll hurt the other person, too. Got that?" I answer scared "Y-y-yes. I understand." Zayn walks out and goes to the kitchen. I hear him opening my favorite food and I yell "Hey Zayn, don't be eating MY food, or get out." Right after I say that I think to myself, Oh no. What did I just say. Then Louis yells "Hey Jamie and Zayn, I will be right back. I will be back in about 30 minutes." I was so scared. After I heard Louis leave I heard Zayn stomp up here real fast. And he said, "What did you just say to me?" I stutter while saying "N-no. I didn't say anything." And then Zayn hovered over me and said "No. I heard what you said. You know what you said. And you're dead." He swung at me and I ducked. After that, he swung again and knocked me out. After he knocked me out, he felt something. And he said to himself, what is this feeling? Guilt?


Zayn thought he had killled her. Her checked her pulse. She still had one. He felt so relieved. he tried to wake her. She didn't wake up. He got a bucket of water and splashed it on her. she awoke right away. 


Crying, I back up and say "Please no. I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. Just please don't hurt me."


Zayn looks with wide eyes and says "No, Jamie. I am very sorry. I feel so bad. Truth is, the only reason I hurt you is so no one would take you. I like you." "What about Hannah?" I said.


"I will break up with her. I like you, not Hannah. So will you do me the honors and go out with me? I will take you to school and take you home." Zayn said with watery eyes.


"Oh Zayn. I forgive you! I do! And yes, I will be your girlfriend." I get up and hug him.


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