Forever Lasting

A girl, Brooke, has been abused by her family. Everyone is jealous because she is a beautiful blonde young woman! One day she ran out of her house and she ran into a boy named Harry! They fall in love together but something special happens during the story. Will their love really last forever?


9. Children:

   "I absolutely love children! I would love to have some of our own. Especially with you!" He told me while he was winking. His whole winking thing turned me on so I scooted closer to him and I smashed our lips together moving in sync. Perfect! The moment I love. 

   "We will have to have children one day. You are probably amazing! And that body..." He kept on talking but I interrupted him. 

   "When?" I asked him. "We will see... Soon" he whispered in my ear as I smiled. 


   I can't believe she asked me that! I was gonna talk to her about it soon since we are together and getting married. We talked about how many kids. She wants 3 boys and I want a girl, Darcy, for sure. I wouldn't mind having any more. I think I turn her on when I wink. I winked again at Brooke. She's gorgeous! I can't get over her! I think it's amazing how my fiancé can carry a baby! I told Brooke that and she just smiled. I seriously do find it amazing how this whole thing happens. 

*Later on that night*


   Darcy, Darcy, Darcy. Kept replaying in my mind. I kept smiling as Harry and I sat down and watched Safe Haven. We kissed at times and we dosed off. In fact I think harry is sleeping now. I looked up at him, he was asleep. I starred at him and I think he noticed. So I kissed him and it startled him. I stopped. He leaned forward for more. I thought to my self. Frisky aye? I just laughed. I was in love with him, a lot! We made it up to the bedroom and he just gently layed me down on the bed and was on top of me. 

   "How about tonight?" He asked as he started to undressed himself. I just kept on kissing him and he took that as a yes. 

   "How about on our wedding night?" I asked him. "So we have sex on our wedding night?" He asked "Perfect lets get married this weekend!" 

Harry was an eager boy. We still had sex tonight. 2 hours. Used a condom. It broke. 

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