Will She Confess???

Okay, so this is my first movella i have actually written ..
Dear diary,
Hi.. My name is Melody, but my friends call me Mel unless its my best friends then they call me Mayo.. I'm not quite sure why tho. Well i go to Green Bay High school, and my two best friends happen to be.. First my neighbor Niall Horan (Which ive had a crush on since kindergarten) .. Second my bestie Nikki Howell .. Niall Just came back from the X-factor yesterday, yet i haven't seen him , but i heard he didn't come alone.. He happened to bring his rather attractive band members ... Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Ever since he has left Nikki has been aggravating me, she thinks i should tell Niall about how i feel.. But will he feel the same? Will it ruin all these years of friendship or worse will someone else get in the way ???
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11. Sleep over


Hey everyone .. So me and My best friend thought we would add some more to the last chapter because like yea .. Hard to explain . I'm just gong to stop talking :)))


Melodys p.o.v
  After what felt like forever and i was probably drained from my tears we all started to get tired i mean we just laughed for half an hour that takes some energy from you.. We decided to relax and settle down by watching a movie and of course i picked Finding Nemo because That movie hits Niall in an emotional way ..
  As i put in Finding Nemo we all laid down on my bed. You would think that's hard but truly it wasn't . Niall sat on the edge next sat me then Harry followed By Liam then Zayn was on my Bench at the bottom of the bed and Louis..
"Lou sit your ass down" Liam screeched in pain.
  Louis Was trying to lay over everyone .. and that's when he ended up laying at the foot of the bed next to Zayn but actually on the bed.

  ~~~No ones p.o.v~~

After awhile everyone is asleep but harry .. He then begins to get up from being squished so bad. Since Harry was squished he had to move a lot to get up which caused Melody to wake up.
"Harry" Melody mumble oh her voice was so delicate
"Hm?" he questioned
"Where are you going ?"
"To the couch"
"Are You squished too?"
"Yea" he said then she began to get up from the bed as slow as she could, once she was off the bed she took a few steps and fell.
"Are you okay " he asked running to her side
"You want me to carry you ?.. I mean if your going to the couch?"

~~~Harry's P.O.V~~~~~~
"Please" I slowly picked her up she was so light weight and she looked so peaceful i wanted to just call her mine.. Once i got to the couch i went to set her down .
"No" she mumbled tightening her grip
"Whats wrong ?"
" I don't want you to leave me.. Just lay with me " and so i did
as we both drifted off to sleep together ...


She this chapter was very short sorry ..

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