Will She Confess???

Okay, so this is my first movella i have actually written ..
Dear diary,
Hi.. My name is Melody, but my friends call me Mel unless its my best friends then they call me Mayo.. I'm not quite sure why tho. Well i go to Green Bay High school, and my two best friends happen to be.. First my neighbor Niall Horan (Which ive had a crush on since kindergarten) .. Second my bestie Nikki Howell .. Niall Just came back from the X-factor yesterday, yet i haven't seen him , but i heard he didn't come alone.. He happened to bring his rather attractive band members ... Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Ever since he has left Nikki has been aggravating me, she thinks i should tell Niall about how i feel.. But will he feel the same? Will it ruin all these years of friendship or worse will someone else get in the way ???
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10. sleep over


  As we hung up I walked down the stairs to see what the boys were doing.. To my surprise they were all siting on the couch upside down .

"What are you guys doing ?"

"Um. You know hanging out " Louis smiled as they all began to laugh

"How would you guys like to stay over at Melody's?"

"I'd love to !" Shouted Harry. Well wasn't he A bit to happy.

"We'd all love too" Liam said eying Harrry

"Yea that's what i meant" Harry added rubbing the back of his neck . Okay im missing something .. They are keeping something from me.

"Okay well .. get ready we leave in five." I made my way back up the stairs.


 As i stepped out the shower my phone buzzed. Yes i put it on vibrate that horn was just getting to me. As i walked to my phone i began to dry myself. "1237" I said as i unlocked my phone.

     Nialler: Hey me an the lads will be there in a few.

     Me: Okay i just got out the shower see you in a bit :)

When i threw on my bra an underwear I ran to my radio and pushed play on my radio then ran to my closet as i sung along to the music now playing."Beauty queen of only 18, she had some trouble with her self" I sang as i slid on my black yoga shorts. "Tap on my window knock on my door." Then i slid on my avengers shirt . And since i was dressed i decided to dance to the song i had on reply ...


 Once me and the lads showed up at Melody's front door we could hear loud music. I smiled to my self noticing it was the cd mix i made her. 

"Come one lads"i said which sounded like a whisper since the music was so loud. As the lads and i walked up the steps They followed me to Melody's room. I quietly walked in .

"And she will be loved " She sang, gosh she had a beautiful voice. I slowly put my hands on her hips and sang to her "I want to make you feel beautiful: She quickly turned and gasped .

"Niall!!!" She screamed Hitting my arm , all i could do is laugh

"Its Not funny you scared the death out of me"

"Your right its not funny.. Its hilarious!!!" I laughed and she hit me again 

"Heyy!!! Hit me one more time and you will regret it !" I laughed

"Oh really" She hit me again and i threw her over my shoulder and ran to her bed .

"Boys i need your help !!!!" I yelled as i flung Melody on her bed.

Next thing i know we were all tickling each other while melody was in tears from laughing so hard.....

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