Will She Confess???

Okay, so this is my first movella i have actually written ..
Dear diary,
Hi.. My name is Melody, but my friends call me Mel unless its my best friends then they call me Mayo.. I'm not quite sure why tho. Well i go to Green Bay High school, and my two best friends happen to be.. First my neighbor Niall Horan (Which ive had a crush on since kindergarten) .. Second my bestie Nikki Howell .. Niall Just came back from the X-factor yesterday, yet i haven't seen him , but i heard he didn't come alone.. He happened to bring his rather attractive band members ... Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Ever since he has left Nikki has been aggravating me, she thinks i should tell Niall about how i feel.. But will he feel the same? Will it ruin all these years of friendship or worse will someone else get in the way ???
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7. Make up disaster

  Later that night I learned more about the boys.. Some things i could have lived with out hearing but the boys were just so open. I felt like Ive know all of them forever. They just kept throwing facts about them selves at me and all i did was laugh and share things about me .. Facts like..

Harry has four nipples

Liam's favorite movie is Toy Story

Zayn is vain

And Louis .. supposedly likes girls who eat carrots

(remember Ive never met the boys before, so i l didn't know any of these facts)

  I don't really know if this stuff was true because the hole time marshmallows were being thrown across the room and every one was laughing theirs bums off.

"LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE !!!"Lou shouted.

"No im not playing" Said Liam

"Lou we are not playing truth are dare with mayo" Niall followed . Then everyone gave him a strange look.. I guess sometimes he forgets that around other people he has to call me melody haha.

"I mean Melody"

" Why ?" I questoned

"Because Lou likes to take things far."

"Oh Okay." Even though i wasn't scared to play i kept my mouth shut.

  We all sat there quietly just looking at each other. We were so bored i think we almost fell asleep... And then i realized one of us did. Niall ... Oh i loved him dearly but he needs to learn to stay awake when he has 5 immature people in the same room as him. I mean if someone didn't say something soon i was either leaving or doing some mean stuff to Niall why he slept !!! To be honest it wasn't really mean. When we were kids we had sleep overs and the first one asleep was doomed and of course i was always that doomed person but i grew out of it . Thank god..  But i mean look at him he so- My thoughts were interrupted when finally someone said something but i was to zoned out to know who said what.

"Huh??" I asked giving each of the boys a puzzled look.

"I said Niall's asleep, lets give him a make over" Louis said as he had a grin plastered on his face.

"Finally a good idea!!!" Zayn shouted

"SHHHH!!!" Liam, Harry Louis and i shouted in a whisper like way.


"Melody do you have any make up we could use ?" Liam asked

"Indeed i do"

"Well what are you waiting for? Harry go with the gal."

  Harry nodded and followed me back to my flat . For some reason i was always alone with Harry and spending more time with him... As we entered my front door i paused and let Harry pass me so i could close the door. Once i did i guided harry up to my room witch was ginormous. I walked in my closet and towards the back to another closet that when you opened it it just had shelves .. As i scan the closet i found my pink bin filled with make up i use to use/play with as a kid . I wasn't that tall neither that short i went to Harry's shoulders so i wasn't that short . Back to what i was saying i slowly placed my feet on the first shelf then the second shelf witch by now i was a bit off the ground.. I had a high ceiling so things were high i slowly stepped up once more  and reached for the bin i grabbed it and forgot to grip on to anything as i fell to the tile floor ... All i remember was Harry screaming my name before everything went black.

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