No Bravery

I used to be Zayn Maliks little sister, but now I am one of the few humans left. I must stay alive at all costs, including throwing myself off a cliff into a river.


4. 4. We

Liam's POV

I laid awake staring at the ceiling. Crystal told me the she knew where Zayn was. We both cried when we saw each other. I took the couch and they took the bed. I realized then that I won. I beat it. I felt something stir inside of me. 

I'm still here

A voice said in my head. It was mine but sounded more posh. Go away! I told it.

Never, I won't leave her.

He sounded determined. I sighed. Fuck off, did you actually think she loved you? You are nothing just an insect, a parasite. She is human she could never love you. I spat. After that there was nothing, just silence. I felt sad, like my heart had been ripped from my chest. I realized then that, that was the pain he was feeling. He wanted to be with her.

Can we transfer you to someone else? 

I asked. Yes.... but its dangerous. He told me.

What do I need to do.

We. We need to find a group of rogue parasites, they for some reason never had a human host. The genetically engineered their own body. We need to find them. He told me.

How do we do it? I asked.

Let me take control. 

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