a girl can dream

scarlet muluv is 17 and is a sneaky tomboy with a big dream . she has racing in her blood . her great grandpa, her grandpa, her dad, and her big brother have raced. people call her the scarlet bandit but she knows she has a bad reputation but she doesn't care she wants to race but her dad thinks its only a guys sport how far will she go to catch her dream? will she make it big time? will her dad approve of her new found love? and will she meet her idol?


2. why?!?! : (

             I was called down stairs for dinner. I sat across from my dad. I figured now was the time to pop the question.

"Umm dad I was wondering.....can I  race?" I asked.

             He had a surprised but stern expression on.

"What? race?" he questioned confused.

"Yah, you know, drive a car around in circles " I said.

"No, I mean why do you want to race?" he asked.

"Because its been my dream since I was six. Dad I wanna RACE!" I demanded.

"No, your not racing its not a sport for woman. It's for men. That's the worst idea you've ever had. Find a new dream, Scarlet. Because racing is outta the question !" he screamed.

     I pushed out of my chair and stomped up stairs to my room . My goodness a girl can't dream?All i've ever wanted to do is be a professional at something and I can feel its racing.

    I slowly feel asleep. I woke up at 6:30 AM. I was the first one up I sneaked out of the house. I ran to the track behind the house. the track is just dirt and hills. I seen Austin riding his dirt bike (he takes care of our track, people use it for racing). He stopped in front of me.

"Sup, Bandit ?" he asked.

I rolled my eye's.

"Really, bandit ?" I said annoyed.

"Sorry I didn't know that would make you angry " he apologized.

" its ok its just.... well.. um my dad said I cant well.... I ..I always wanted to race. You know, with cars " I said.

"Whoa you want to race?" he questioned surprised yet caring.

"Yes " I answered.

           He looked at his bike. Then, his other bike by the shed.

" no, if my dad see's me im dead" I rejected.

           He dragged me over to the bike and gave me a helmet. I got on the bike and threw on the helmet. I looked at the house to make sure no one saw me. I got on the bike.

''Lets go!" I smirked.

           We started the engines. Then we took off. I've rode before with him. The track is pretty big. He got a good start off and was leading. The first hill came and we flew up it but, I landed perfect and took in front . I was nearing the next hill but, I wasn't sure to stay inside or ride the outside. I took inside and cleared it well he was right behind me but, I cleared the finish line first. We got off our bikes .

''Holy crap i've never been beaten by a girl !" he shouted.

"Scarlet your amazing at racing " I heard a familiar voice say.

I turn around and see Jordan.

"Umm Jordan I was just.. umm" I stuttered.

"Don't give me that scarlet I wont tell dad" he smirked.

"Thanks, Jordan" I said grateful and Jordan gave me a thumbs up and then went in the house.

            Austin and I took of our helmets. We both looked each other in the eyes. I was in love with those big light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He probably didn't fell the same way about me, and my stupid black hair, I really shouldn't have tip died my ends red. Austin leaned in close until are lips touched. I know its really, really cheesy but I felt something. I kissed him back. When it was over I was smiling. He was a bad boy but he was a hot bad boy. He loaded his bikes on his trailer, winked and left. I sat on the ground in shock.             

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