a girl can dream

scarlet muluv is 17 and is a sneaky tomboy with a big dream . she has racing in her blood . her great grandpa, her grandpa, her dad, and her big brother have raced. people call her the scarlet bandit but she knows she has a bad reputation but she doesn't care she wants to race but her dad thinks its only a guys sport how far will she go to catch her dream? will she make it big time? will her dad approve of her new found love? and will she meet her idol?


3. thats such a lie

I was sitting on the couch watching Nascar when there was a knock on the door. I got up and answered it. It was the police. They put me in hand cuffs. Dad come down stairs to talk to them. "Sir your daughter, has stolen $900 from the store down town " Hank said.

My dad looked at me stern, mad, and disappointed .

"Wait what no ,no ,no I never did that i've been here this whole day I sware" I shuddered.

"We have a witness, Scarlet " one of the police said.

"Who" I said.

"Josh Williams " hank said.

          Wait Josh he's always getting me in trouble he's like a nightmare.

"No, he's always out to get me you know that hank that is such a lie " I pouted ready to cry.        "She's right he is always trying to get her back" he said.

         Those words " get her back " repeated in my mind I forgot all about that night.

 FLASH BACK ( 3 years before)

           Me and josh had a sleepover (since we were friends back then). We went for a walk, an hour after curfew and we went into private property to egg a house. when we finished the house was covered in smashed eggs.The cops seen us and chased us. Josh got his foot stuck in a hole in the ground. The police were right behind us. Josh begged me to help him out but, I knew if I did, we'd both get caught by the police so I ran away. He got grounded and had to wash and wax all 16 cars at the police station for 2 months everyday but, I didn't get caught. He's held that against me ever since.


The police watched the security cameras and josh lied it was a worker there. They let me go and I went home.

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