a girl can dream

scarlet muluv is 17 and is a sneaky tomboy with a big dream . she has racing in her blood . her great grandpa, her grandpa, her dad, and her big brother have raced. people call her the scarlet bandit but she knows she has a bad reputation but she doesn't care she wants to race but her dad thinks its only a guys sport how far will she go to catch her dream? will she make it big time? will her dad approve of her new found love? and will she meet her idol?


5. shopping!!!!

I was sitting on the couch watching a race when the doorbell rang. I answered it a tackled Austin we fell in the grass laughing.

Austin: don't kill me before we go shopping

me: ahhhhh shopping yes

Austin: I mean like for dirt bike things

me: oh ok

I ran to the car and sat in the passengers seat. He got in and drove to the store. when we got there I jumped out. we walked in and Austin walked up to some dude with black air and awesome blue eyes. They did a weird hand shake.

Me: wow talk about nerdy

Austin: haha whatever,Scarlet this is Luke

 he pointed to the dude .We shook hands. I stood there looking around I smelled the horrible, Musty smell of grease.

Luke: oh well your orders in ill go get it

Austin gave me a devilish smile. great its prob more pink, purple and gold. he came back with a box. I opened the box and......... yep. its was MX gear that was pink, purple and gold. the helmet was awesome though.

Austin: you like it

me: sure what ever lets you sleep at night

We all laughed. I examined the helmet more across the side it read " Scarlet." I smiled at it.

Austin: ok so your not going to like this part though

My smile turned into a frown.

me: what

Austin: well you needed a racing name you know so people know its you

Me: what did you put

Austin: I put 'The Bandit '

I frowned bigger. I sighed. well, at least he tried.

me: oh what ever

wow, Austin is so adorable.


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