a girl can dream

scarlet muluv is 17 and is a sneaky tomboy with a big dream . she has racing in her blood . her great grandpa, her grandpa, her dad, and her big brother have raced. people call her the scarlet bandit but she knows she has a bad reputation but she doesn't care she wants to race but her dad thinks its only a guys sport how far will she go to catch her dream? will she make it big time? will her dad approve of her new found love? and will she meet her idol?


4. really?!??!??!? :)

i woke up and dad went on another business trip but this time he went to Canada its like Pennsylvania doesn't have enough racing as it is in my opinion we have enough but im glad he left. i went outside and seen just the person i wanted to see ......... Austin!


Austin:" listen Muluv i got a deal for you" he said with a smirk

 i gave him a half smile cause i knew it had something to do with racing

me: " what's the deal"

Austin: " ill coach you in racing and get you into some races but in return i ask two things"

he had a smirk on his face, ok now im getting scared

me:" what"

Austin:" first you have to stay out of trouble and stay away from josh that's counting one, and lastly you have to go on a date with me"

i was drinking water and when he said go on a date with him i spit out all the water in my mouth.     me: " wait, ok with the in trouble and josh but you wanna go on a date with me"

 I crossed my arms and leaned against the house i thought he didn't like me. wait now i know im stupid why would he kiss me if he didn't like me.

Austin:" yah is there something wrong with that"

 wait it think i might like this guy. yes, like like.

Austin:" no, im just surprised that you like me that way but anyway i don't have a car or bike or anything to drive"

he smirked i could tell he had something for me. he pulled out. the extra dirt bike he had but it was gold, pink, and purple.

me:" wait why is it girly"

Austin:"cause these are your new colors"

me:" wait so now i have to use these colors"

 i was angry that he chose the colors that he did. i mean come on i love the color red and black.

Austin:" hey its just so when your racing you stick out from the others but latter on well change them"

he put the kick stand on the bike down.

me:" hold on "

i ran inside and up to Jordan in mom.

me:" mom don't be mad but im going to race and there is nothing any of you can do to stop me"

mom: "wait what you wanna race"

me: " don't any of you listen i said that yesterday during dinner"

mom: " is it really what you want to do"

me: " yes mom it is and don't tell dad got it"

mom: " yes and ill help you with your dream to "

me: " really"

she shook her head yes. i ran back outside and hugged Austin. im glad dad is gone for a couple of months. he loves racing and will do anything for it.

me: "my mom said shell help me and i know Jordan will get me boots a jacket and helmet and stuff"

Austin: " great ill pick you up tomorrow and well go to the track down the street we need to train you for your first race"

he loaded my bike into his trailer and came up to me he kissed me right on the lips. then he left. i went inside and jumped up and down. " yes, yes, YES" i screamed" i've got a boy friend, i've got a boy friend" i looked over and seen riley smirking little sisters are such snoops.  


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