Adopted By Liam Payne

Grace is a 16 year old girl who lives in an orphanage find out her story with one direction.


8. Waking up

Graces POV. 

      I woke up to flashes and AWWW!!!z. Wait where am I ? I looked beside me and there layed a sleeping Louis he's really cute but I can't tell him that I'm just an orphan well not anymore. I remembered the flashes got up an went to the kitchen. I had decided not talking hadn't gotten me anywhere . So I asked 

G- why were there flashes when I woke up Liam?

L-well u and Louis looked adorable apparently so Niall and Harry went to take pictures.

G ok that's embarrassing 

L why were you in there anyways

G I had a nightmare and I screamed Louis heard and kicked the bathroom door in and got me. I fell asleep while he comforted me I guess. 

Then we heard the boys shout Liam someone broke the bathroom door. I found this funny so I started laughing witch got Liam laughing and then we both fell on the floor holding our stomachs from laughing to hard. We got up and Harry said " what's so funny" 

I didn't break the door Louis did now can I see your phone please. Why he said

G so I can delete the pics from your phone


G Harry styles you give me that phone 

he took of running so I ran and jumped on his back fighting for the phone 

H I don't have the pics anyway we deleted them after we sent them to I ran to Louis 's room and was trying to reach across him to get the phone when I slipped and fell on his stomach whoops! 

BB(Louis) OWWW! What are you doing I was sleeping 

G I was trying to get the phone to delete the pics of us asleep 

BB never gonna happen I wanna keep them 

so I grabbed the phone and rainout and locked myself in Zayns room he was asleep so it didn't matter! 

I quickly deleted the pics and ran to give Louis his phone. We then ate and decided to have a movie night. 

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